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Team Ruff Wins Puppy Bowl XII

by Scott Criscione
Puppy Bowl Logo

Puppy Bowl Logo

Millions gathered to watch the countries most beloved annual sporting event this Sunday, Puppy Bowl XII.

It was a rematch between Team Fluff and Team Ruff that was quiet a treat, team Ruff won what many thought would be a tug-of-war match soundly with a 73 – 45 victory. Though many of us covering the event wondered who would take the Puppy Bowl XII MVP title that last year was won by Cara, a Shih Tzu.

The 2:00pm Central Time kick off team Ruff took the first toy but a run by Darby was stopped by a stout defensive effort by Kevin for what has been considered by many to be a rather soft defensive team.

Eventually Darby of team Ruff was able to run the toy in twice and give team Ruff a quick 14-0 lead but an excessive celebration got him in trouble. Officials had to tell him to stick to running the toy, not celebrating it.

Team Fluff were quick to respond with a goal-line trick play by Boris to bring it to 14-7. Then quickly on a blown coverage Miss Sassy scored as well to tie the game up.

The second quarter was no walk in the park, we saw Star of team Ruff accidently tackle his own player but eventually would make up for it with a score of his own making it 21-14. We also saw a battle between defensive stud Countess of team Fluff and runner Timber of team Ruff, though Timber would out muscle her to score and make it 28-14.

After fetching the ball back from team Ruff, team Fluff’s Atticus would kick a field goal bringing it to a 28-17 score.

Fans of team Ruff began celebrating as team Ruff’s Timber yet again ran the pink toy in for a 35-17 lead. Fans of team Fluff had be begin wondering if their team would just lay down to the competition as Star of team Ruff scored on back to back drives taking a 49-17 lead.

Team Fluff would need to learn some new tricks to get back in the game. Countess of team Fluff played rough against Star and Timber to score a field goal and make it a 49-20 deficit before halftime.


As the teams returned it seemed like team Ruff was on its was to fetching another Puppy Bowl championship.

Team Fluff’s Timon would score first making it 49-27, and would tack on another field goal shortly after to make the comeback seem for real bringing it to 49-30.

In the 3rd quarter Leah would out run the field as she scampered her way to two touchdowns putting an end to Timon’s comeback efforts making it 63-30.

For team Fluff, it seemed like they were being taken to puppy training again with only one quarter to go.

Team Fluff’s Cooper would score quickly in a desperate to close the gap bringing the score to 63-37. Then would run it in again giving hope to Fluff fans.

However the door was closed when Leah ran the clock down and scored to end it. Giving team Ruff the title yet again, winning 70-44.

Star was announced game MVP with a three touchdown performance despites Leah’s paw-some performance late in the game.

In all seriousness I’d like to take this time to say please consider adoption of both puppies from shelters and senior dogs from shelters. As someone who has done so on many occasions I can say I have found some amazing dogs like my current one, Misty.








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