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MLS Bid Unveiled: A New Hope


#MLS4TheLou surfaced today as a new bid to bring Major League Soccer (MLS) to St. Louis, the birthplace of American Soccer is unveiled.

A new bid staring the Taylor family, founders of Enterprise. Along side Jim Kavanaugh of World Wide Technology, have launched their bid today for one of the final spots in the MLS expansion.

The Taylor family are a major part of the St. Louis community. Spending millions every year on charitable efforts and improvements across the region like museums, art shows, concert halls, Forest Park, etc.

Headlining the MLS bid group is Carolyn Kindle Betz (Granddaughter of Enterprise founder Jack Taylor). She is the current VP of Enterprise and Executive Director of their charitable foundation, making her majority owner. Meaning this will be one of the few woman led professional sports franchises in the USA.

Her cosponsor of this efforts, Jim Kavanaugh, is experience in professional soccer ownership with the USL. He is involved with ownership of STLFC, who plays in Fenton. They are currently one of the USL’s most supported teams. They will be linked as the second league affiliate to the MLS team in STL if this bid is successful.

Now how did we get here? And where do we go?

We got here after a failed 2017 vote in which city residence voted for a tax raise. But not for the taxes to go to anywhere in particular ( prop 1/prop 2 vote).

The MLS bid appeared dead since many people also believed the “Entertainment” or “Use” Tax would be a tax hike for everyone, not just stadium visitors. In addition a new mayor and governor were elected then too. It didn’t help the effort not having government backing.

Some people wondered back then where was the Taylor family in that bid, or at least a bigger voice for it. Short and long answer, who knows.

This bid from what details their website MLS 4 STL has none of the $60-Million in sales taxes the previous bid had. It is very clear just like the Blues and Cardinals, they have an Entertainment tax for stadium use only. No TIF or broad tax increases at all.

Since their isn’t a tax increase for citizens it may not appear on any ballot boxes. We do not have any news on that front yet. As for the land, the state of Missouri owns it. That would require Mike Parsons to give the green light. Which he as indicated he will  support the MLS bid. Currently St. Louis County is cited as on board with this version of the bid.

So far it is estimated sales tax on tickets would create close to $1.5-Million in revenue for the city. I do not believe this includes events or anything besides strictly MLS activities in the stadium.

The formerly knows as Edwards Jones Dome has plans to be renovated as a convention center, where it is slated to make more money as a convention center than as an NFL facility so there would be no conversation of an MLS team going there.

If the MLS Stadium is built it would be able to host college/NCAA soccer, and lacrosse tournaments, World Cup Qualifiers, International Friendlies, Concerts/festivals, and potentially state title tournaments for high school level sports.

Do you like the bid more with it being female led? 100% St. Louis owned? Almost no taxes used at all? Or does soccer suck and you want an XFL team or an NBA team. Comment with the code word Klondike Bar to prove you read all the way to the end and we will try to engage in friendly internet banter.


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