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Top Five Potential Cardinals Managers


With yet another season wasted away by bad management and an uninspiring roster of misfit toys. The Cardinals are now riding the season out with Mike Shildt as the interim manager. Top brass suggested Shildt has a chance to be the full-time manager if the team shows signs of life. However, despite magic salsa and conga-lines the Cardinals have few days to decide if improving the roster is worth it, or cashing it the 2018 season. Whatever the case may be, come 2019 this team will need a major overhaul and new management.

Here is the list of names to follow this off season to fill the role:

Mike Shildt – Cardinals Manager: 

Obviously he is on the list because Moe and company said he is on the list. Maybe we see the team show some life these final 60+ games and he lands the job. Or maybe he goes back to the bench, or find a new job with a new team. With his depth of coaching in the Cardinals farm system he would already know most of the talent that is on the way next season. But unless the players find a spark, he may be outside looking in on the job he currently holds.

Brent Strom – Houston Astros Pitching Coach: 

After taking the helm of the Houston staff the Astros has been a league leader in ERA and strikeouts. Strom has been a pitching coach with the Astros, and Royals but what may help him is that he was also the Cardinals minor league pitching coordinator from 2008-2013. Perhaps with a team needing to refocus on pitching being a focal point they would grab him from the Astros.

Joe Girardi – MLB Network:

We heard clamoring for him after the Yankees shockingly let him go after being one-game from another World Series. Joe was let go because he was not as analytical as the Yankees preferred. Hard nose, tough, gritty, etc. Joe has taken two teams to the World Series and won. Cardinals fans hope he could do it again here.

Stubby Clapp – Memphis Redbirds Manager:

He was critical for the 2001 Cardinals success, as a player… okay I lied he was not great. But with a 156-88 record with Memphis (.639 win %) he has experience with the 55 Shuttle and getting AAA players ready for the majors. This team needs someone who can develop talent at the majors, because the previous staff clearly couldn’t. Plus, how great is his baseball name?

Buck Showalter Baltimore Orioles Manager:  

He will no doubt be fired with what is one of the worst teams in in baseball right now. But history shows that the 62 year old has improved every team he has taken over during his 20 year career. excluding this season, he has a career .520 win% and has been the manager of the year three-times in his career. Though this one would be a long shot.


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