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Palmer Anthony and Eli Adams on the Arch City Music Podcast

Recorded from The Barn Studio

by Austin Basler

Your next two favorite country artists, Eli Adams and Palmer Anthony, joined me on the latest episode of the Arch City Music Podcast to discuss their upcoming show this Labor Day Weekend – Saturday, September 3rd at The Camp at Lake Wappapello – opening for the one and only Read Southall Band.

Palmer Anthony is one of the fastest rising new stars on the Texas country scene.  He may be a California import but in less than two years since his first release, Remember Us, Palmer has amassed over a million streams with just a handful of singles and his hit debut album, Western & Roll.  The only thing more exciting about having him join me for an interview (besides getting to see him play live this weekend) is the trajectory his career is on. Listen to him discuss his promising young career and how he’s going to lose to me in our upcoming pick-up basketball game in the episode below:


I’ll admit, Eli Adams was not even on my radar before Summit Entertainment Live booked him for this concert ticket. I was thrilled to have been exposed to the incredible, versatile, and equally classic yet fresh sound that Eli has on display in the just 8 songs that he has released to the world. I find peace in knowing that there are people as young as Palmer and Eli making the classic country sound stay cool while also putting their own cool, unique twists on it. Listen to Eli discuss the hours of unreleased music he has in the vault and his early experiences as a traveling musician in the episode below:


This is surely a show you don’t want to miss. Three fantastic artists on one ticket, at an incredible venue, on Labor Day Weekend – what more could you ask for? Get them while they’re still available and let me know if you’re going to join me there!

— Tickets for Read Southall Band, Palmer Anthony, & Eli Adams at The Camp at Lake Wappapello, Sept. 3rd — 


Palmer Anthony

Listen to Palmer Anthony on Spotify. Artist · 28.6K monthly listeners.

Eli Adams

Listen to Eli Adams on Spotify. Artist · 100 monthly listeners.

Read Southall Band

Listen to Read Southall Band on Spotify. Artist · 765.8K monthly listeners.


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