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Chris Canterbury on the Arch City Music Podcast – Quaalude Lullabies out Sept. 23rd

Recorded Live from South Main Sounds in Memphis, Tennessee | Written by Benjamin Leftridge


On a Sunday evening in the heart of Memphis, Chris Canterbury entertained an intimate crowd of 30 at South Main Sounds music venue. This would be his last stop on his current tour of the south while promoting his new album “Quaalude Lullabies” out this Friday, September 23rd. The small room feel of South Main Sounds was a perfect marriage with the commanding voice of Canterbury, along with his left handed guitar. Chris is a storyteller and each song that was performed came with its own background. The way he would describe the back story to a song, commanded the attention of the room and was a perfect intro to the next number. He played songs from each of his three albums, concentrating most on his newest collaboration of tunes. Chris doesn’t dance, he doesn’t have a lot of moves. He doesn’t need them.


He opened up the show with a new song “Over the Line,” which details the final long haul of a career over the road truck driver. He played other songs from the new album like “Back on the Pills” and “The Devil, The Dealer, & Me,” that he admits he got a call from his father asking if he’s “okay” due to the subject of depression being front and center. He could have just talked all night, and people would have stayed and listened.  There wasn’t a lot of phones out taking pictures or video, instead, everyone was too busy hanging on to every word Canterbury spoke. As dark as some of the subject matter his songs may portray, his ability to shed light on these issues and turn them into song is a beautiful thing. Canterbury states that he tries to present each topic as a straight-forward Saturday morning kitchen conversation, and he succeeded on a Sunday evening in Memphis.



Chris was recently a guest on the Arch City Music Podcast in which you can hear here:



Chris Canterbury

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