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New Jersey Brewery Introduces New Beer, Shaming Astros

by Mick Lite

A brewery in Jersey City, New Jersey called Departed Soles has introduced a new beer called Trash Can Bangers!

“I’m not a fan of cheaters.” – owner and head brewer Brian Kulbacki

The beer is a session IPA with a 5.4% alcohol content, and the can has the Astros retro jersey look.

One might think the beer would be a little ‘salty’, but Kulbacki says it has a sweetness to it. They used milk sugar in it to make it a little more silky and give it body. It has a citrusy taste. It does have to be a little bitter and that taste comes from it’s hops… and the brewery purposely used exactly 2,017 grams of hops per barrel.

Unfortunately, the beer is only currently sold at the brewery in New Jersey, for $17 per six-pack, but Kulbacki hopes to connect with a brewer in Texas after the pandemic to sell the beer there and raise money for charity.

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