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Doyle, RED DEVIL VORTEX and Torchlight Parade Made an Indelible Mark on St. Louis Fans

by Carrie Zukoski

The four gents of Doyle unleashed their ominous throbbing, driving, rhythmic horror punk metal music on their St. Louis fans Wednesday night, June 7, at Red Flag. The venue barely contained the hard-hitting, fast-paced, in-your-face style that Doyle brings to every show on their relentless touring. 

Coming out strong just before 10 p.m. with “Beast Like Me,” guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein worked his Annihilator Signature Guitar into a near frenzy while lead singer Alex Wolfman Story unleashed his inner wolf with flashing eyes, snarls and sneers. Story who continues to look more wolf-like each time they pass through town, was rarely still during their set — from pacing all around to climbing the 20-foot high stacked amps —  all while keeping the audience enthralled with several “love songs” throughout the night including “Cemeterysexx” “DreamingDeadGirls,” “Mark of the Beast,” and finally “Hope Hell is Warm.” Bassist  Brandon Strate and newcomer on drums Luke Wright kept the intense, relentless, raw, music balanced and moving forward. 

The L.A.-based RED DEVIL VORTEX, which launched in 2016 and is chock full of high-energy guitar riffs and chaotic melodies brought their hard rock/alt metal with a touch of post-grunge to the middle slot of the night. The trio consisting of a drummer, bassist and guitarist who all share on vocals, made several new fans by the end of their fast 25-minute set. Songs included their newly released single “More Luck Than Brains” which will land on their self-titled album due out later this year.

Hometowners Torchlight Parade, a classic hard rock/heavy metal band with a twist (think funeral processions of yore), opened the hard, heavy, horror-tastic night at 8 p.m. with a themed half-hour set. Not only will Torchlight Parade keep one’s toes tapping and heads banging, but they also bring several antics to the stage that may include appearances of well-known horror movie icons. On this night that meant a visit from creepy Mike Myers and Frankenstein. 

See all photos from the concert: https://bit.ly/Doyle23cz


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