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IDKHow’s Gloomtown Tour at Delmar Hall in St. Louis was Glorious

by Carrie Zukoski

Pay attention. Those early 20-somethings are often at the forefront of the next best thing when it comes to music and that rings true for I Don’t Know How But They Found Me. On its second formation, the band started more as a side project in 2016 for Dallon Weekes and now former member Ryan Seaman and quickly took on a life of its own. IDKHow’s sound has been described as indie pop, alt, electronic rock, early Britpop, and more. At best it’s a mixture of all of those and their second and newest album, Gloom Division is being noticed by an, let’s say, older audience. 

No stranger to Missouri (Weekes grew up in a small southern Missouri town), IDKHow has been through St. Louis a few times and devoted fans come from all around and show up early to see them perform. This time was no different. And the sold-out room was not disappointed for one moment Saturday night at Delmar Hall for IDKHow’s thirteenth night of their Gloomtown Tour.

The 95-minute show consisted of familiar favorites, newer material, reimagined songs, and a few covers from Weekes’ other band, The Brobecks. 

To introduce an “old song done in a new way,” Weekes said, “St. Louis. It’s good to be back. It’s been a minute. If you’ve seen us before you might notice that things look different. That we’re multiplying. I hope you’ll still find something to like,” and then slid into a freshened up “New Invention.”

Later, Weekes introduced the new, dreamy, languid “Six Feet,” saying, “Whatever problems we have. Let’s leave them outside the door for a couple of hours.” 

Weekes’ high energy, engaging demeanor, and easy-on-the-eyes looks, not to mention catchy tunes kept the crowd in a frenzy all night long. The frenzy heightened even more when he joined them on the floor during “Visitation of the Ghost.” 

The encore included the low-key “Nobody Likes the Opening Band,” which was not the case this night. 

San Diego-based quartet benches, formed in 2014, brought 35 minutes of their experimental alt-rock, including their newly-released single, the slightly noisy “Naive” to the already packed crowd. The lads also performed the catchy, upbeat, driving “Monodrama.” Their sound consists of 90s Britpop and the nonchalance of 2000s New York rock that blends “joy and sadness, wrapped up into infectious indie rock.” Look for an EP being released soon from them. 

Fans floated on air during and after a concert that was anything but gloomy. 

See all photos from the night https://bit.ly/IDKHow24cz 

IDKHow setlist https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/i-dont-know-how-but-they-found-me/2024/delmar-hall-st-louis-mo-3aba14b.html 

Find out what’s coming up next at Delmar Hall.


IDKHow's Dallon Weekes IDKHow's Dallon Weekes IDKHow's Dallon Weekes benches benches

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