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Feed the Families Foundation Presents: #SaveTheBabies, Something You Don’t Hear Too Often Until NOW


Phil Assets, a National event promoter and local record label owner is someone you should all hear about and get to know. He not only promotes and brings artists to the St. Louis area, he also gets involved with his city and tries to better it any way that he can. 

Assets is the executive producer of the song #savethebabies and produced it with intention to bring awareness to and stop the gun violence that is hurting and taking the lives of innocent children in the St. Louis area.  Just last year alone, 18 children fell victim to the gun violence.

Assets has brought together a great lineup of artist to create the song, such as Murphy Lee, Jizzle Buckz, Lil STL, Major, Jones, Junior, and Daradollaz,  in hopes to speak about a subject no one speaks about. This song highlights truths that happen in the inner city that shouldn’t be happening and it seems to only be getting worse. 

I sat down and spoke to him about this and how he’s trying to spread the word and bring awareness to this touchy subject and here’s what he had to say when I asked him about it…

Q: What does “Save The Babies” mean to you, Phil? 

A: “Save The Babies” means, “Stop the shooting so random bullets won’t end the lives of innocent kids.”

Q: Do you hope the song #savethebabies puts the message out there to stop the gun violence?

A: Mos Def

Q: You have a great lineup of artist on this project, what made you choose them?

A: Personal relationship along with who is currently hot and has a big enough platform that people will listen.

Q: Do you think we, as a community, can rally together and make a difference that should be made to save these innocent kids? Like to speak up or just help each other?

A: I believe every little bit helps.  If #savethebabies movement can make 1 person put the gun down, that’s 1 potential life that we have have saved.

Q: Not only are you an executive producer on this project, you also lead other projects that help children in need. Can you tell me a little more about those?

A:  Our nonprofit organization is Feed The Families.  Every year, we not only provide a hot, cooked holiday meals, we also provide holiday gifts, haircuts and hair style, ect. for over 70 families.

Q: If you could send a few words to the city if St. Louis/East St. Louis what would you say? 


Thank you, Phil, for taking the time out to not only speak to me but also help the city of St. Louis/ East St. Louis in any way you can. Your message is getting out and a few artists on the track had a few words to say. 

Artist Jones stated, “I liked the idea and what it represented.  I just hope people genuinely think before they act. Most people are doing things for the wrong reasons. Being slow to react helps with that. 

What Phil has been doing over the period of time that I’ve known him, he has just inspired me to set the bar high and to go after what I want.”

Even Artist Major had to say, “It’s a powerful meaning behind the song.  We want to educate the kids that’s growing up in St. Louis to stop the violence that’s going on in the city & to stay away from the streets and really pay attention to what’s going.

Phil, that’s my idol he’s doing and did a lot for the city now we can send a positive vibe around through music and having events”. 

This song is worth the listen and these artist are trying to help the community through music and any way that they can. I give it a 10 out of 10. It speaks volumes and truths.  What better way to spread the word than though music?

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