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Nicotine Dolls Brought Down The House On Their Stop In St. Louis

by Melissa O'Rourke

In downtown St. Louis, a beautiful and passionate performance is what fans of the Nicotine Dolls were given at the Old Rock House on the 6th of April.

Starting off strong fans got to meet the talented and powerful Brooke Alexx, her strong vocals and bubbly personality definitely set the tone for the entire night. She shone bright and filled my void of needing a pop/punk princess in my life. I highly suggest checking her out, she’s a name you should watch out for!

Photo Credit: Mick Lite

When the Nicotine Dolls took to the stage I was sure the screams and cheers could be heard from outside, it was definitely a fun and bright atmosphere through the evening. Sam’s witty and deep personality really added to the night on top of his raspy vocals. It’s safe to say the crowd probably had goosebumps all night long.

The Nicotine Dolls definitely surprised their fans when they performed an unreleased song that they literally wrote the night before. What a hell of a group, to write a song and spontaneously perform it live. A sign of true musicianship and this groups bond.

There was fan who had a sign stating that she had a shirt for Sam.  ‘A Goofy Movie’ t-shirt definitely brought us a shock when the band began and played the song , I2I (eye to eye), which hadn’t originally been on the nights setlist.

Photo Credit: Mick Lite

The end of the set brought us an up close interactive moment with OUR cover of ‘Believe’ by Cher. It was a group singalong for the books!

Photo Credit: Mick Lite

Sam then returned to the stage, and typically the band plays with him on the song 30 Something, but that night we got a raw, emotional performance. It was an emotionally moving moment for all in attendance. Sam we love you and your grandma, and wish the best for your father’s healing journey.

Photo Credit: Mick Lite

Its safe to say that it was a magical night and if you get the opportunity to see Nicotine Dolls live, its definitely something you should do as the experience is quite a beautiful one, I’m very thankful for the opportunity to attend and be in the presence of such palatable talent. Until next time, I’ll keep up with this lumberjack on Tik-Tok (@nicotinedolls).  Give them a follow. These boys can’t be stopped and deserve every ounce of fame that comes their way. Thank you all for such a memorable moment in our lives.


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