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Which Cardinals deserve to be on the NL All-Star Team?

by Aaron Mullins

As voting wraps up this evening for the 2018 MLB All-Star game, one thing is for certain.

It’s a popularity contest.

But it can’t be just that.  The Cardinals have one of the biggest fan support in the Majors. Why haven’t these fans voted for their team?

As it sits right now… Not a single position player will be voted into the All-Star Game. And that’s a shame.

Not only that, but the closest is Yadier Molina who is currently 4th in the voting for Catchers.

As it sits, the Cardinals will be represented by a pitcher, but there is still debate as to who that could be.

So who could be in?  Who should be in?


Yadier Molina – The biggest thing against him is that he missed 26 games. Yet at the same time he has managed to still lead all NL catchers with 13 home runs. If he hasn’t missed those games he would be on pace for over 30 home runs. Have I mentioned that he is 36 years old and still batting .280 on the year. Yeah, he should be in. No doubt.

Some of our writers agree.

Andrew Gegg – “You always have to think Molina… he does have the most homers out of any catcher. And he missed a month of play.”

Caleb Bonner – “Carpenter and Molina are potential, but they both have competition and things that make them questionable to make it as well”

Twitter also seems to agree.

RB on Twitter

@AaronArchCity @ArchCityMedia @Cardinals Molina. 36 and still kicking ass.

It’s hard to argue against Molina.

Matt Carpenter – Yes, his April wasn’t ideal, but what he has done since then has been pretty special. Just check out this post by Kevin Wheeler.

Kevin Wheeler Show on Twitter

Matt Carpenter is on pace to hit 50 doubles & 30 HRs this season. Here’s the list of #STLCards since 1908 to do so in a single season: 1) Albert Pujols … … … And… That’s the list.

He did come back to fix this list…

Kevin Wheeler Show on Twitter

Correction (missed two players): Joe Medwick (1937) & Stan Musial (1953) also hit 50 doubles & 30 HRs in a single season. The point remains – Matt Carpenter’s turnaround has been historic.

But that should mean something. He is a doubles machine as of late and has been one of the best hitters in baseball since the middle of May.


Jordan Hicks – This could be a legitimate pick for a number of reasons. First, he has pitched incredibly well in his Rookie season. He owns a 2.42 ERA over 40 appearances and has 38 strikeouts to 23 walks. Second, he throws 105 MPH. That’s a wow factor that could be fun to watch in the All-Star game.


Miles Mikolas – Now this is just my opinion, but I truly believe this is the pick. Mikolas has been one of the biggest surprises this season for any team. He is a sleeper pick in the Cy Young conversation and has pitched consistently well all season.  I’m not the only one who thinks Mikolas is the choice.

Uncle Frank on Twitter

@AaronArchCity @ArchCityMedia @Cardinals Miles Mikolas. 9-3, 2.63 ERA, 109 innings pitched, 2.8 WAR

I’m hoping that after the break Mikolas is the #1 or #2 starter so that he can get more starts. He already sits near the top of the NL in innings pitched despite having less starts. If I were a betting man, Mikolas will be the one representing the Cardinals this season.

Earlier this season, names like Tommy Pham, Bud Norris, and Michael Wacha were also tracking towards an All-Star appearance, but after injuries and returning to Earth, none seem destined for the All-Star appearance.

What do you think?

Thanks for Reading!

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