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WILLY'S WONDERLAND Official Trailer (2021)

First trailer for Willy's Wonderland starring Nicolas cage.

Willy’s Wonderland

by Mick Lite

It was my son’s turn to pick a movie, and his choice was Willy’s Wonderland. It was just released February 12th. He told me it was about animatronics that kill people. Sounded like Showbiz or Chuck-E-Cheese to me… which would have probably terrified me as a kid! When he said Nicholas Cage was in it, I said to say less, and start it.

The movie starts out with Cage driving through a small town where he suffers a tire blowout after running over spikes. He gets towed and after he can’t pay for the repair in cash, he is made a deal where if he spends one night playing janitor and cleaning Willy’s Wonderland, the owner of Willy’s will pay his bill. He slowly nods in agreement, because he doesn’t say a single word in the entire movie! He doesn’t even have a name, the credits label him as “The Janitor.”

You get to see him clean up the place and kick some furry butt, splattering oil all over like its blood.

“I don’t get opportunities to act with giant stuffed ostriches or alligators or turtles or weasels. So I thought that would be a lot of fun,” Nicholas Cage explained.

It has the feel of an 80’s slasher film, but it’s almost funny, though it pretends not to be.

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