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Bonfire Stories: Manifest Horror Collector’s Edition

by Laurie Beakley

This must be a record. Bigfishgames.com is giving us ANOTHER hidden object game! Bonfire Stories: Manifest Horror Collector’s Edition is certainly an interesting title.

The Mariaglorum Company presents this game, calling it a “suspenseful new tale in the chilling Bonfire Stories series”. One thing I enjoy about games in a series is that you don’t have to have played all the games before to be able to play the current one. It’s not like watching movies in a series where you feel like you’re missing something if you missed one somewhere along the line. With a game you can just jump in & play because you get the story of that game when you start. While it’s part of a series, it still feels self-contained.

In Bonfire Stories: Manifest Horror Collector’s Edition, your character, Caroline has come to town to help Alan. He is missing and there is some kind of evil fog with a monster dwelling inside. The hidden object scenes are the keys to helping Caroline make it through. This game has a bonus chapter, you can earn achievements, play trivia, do a bonus puzzle, collect skulls & enjoy the other items that come with Collector’s Editions. You also get 90-minutes of free game play on this one. Time to check it out!

Well, once again, this time with 34 minutes to spare I was given the message “Thanks for playing the demo”. UGH! At least this time it told me that if I enjoyed it, I could purchase the full game. Knowing this is a Collector’s Edition, it makes sense. Now, onto the game.

Bonfire Stories: Manifest Horror Collector’s Edition has a purpose. This isn’t just a game where you get a list & find an object & I like that. However, the screens when you do have hidden object play aren’t all that great. They seem a bit tedious & the mini games are so ridiculous I skipped them. One of them is played way too many times because it’s relevant to the story. Some parts I was excited to see what would happen next but when a hidden object scene was coming, I almost found myself dreading it. That shouldn’t happen in a hidden object game. The premise is good, the graphics are decent, but I won’t be buying this one. When you find yourself waiting for the skip or hint charger to be full so you can use it, you know it’s time to move on. If you want to check it out for yourself & have 90-minutes to spend on a demo, it’s not too bad.

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