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Mike Bont of Greensky Bluegrass chats with Danya, makes big announcement.

by Danya Artimisi

Allow me to preface this piece with a small bit of information with those who are not familiar with Greensky Bluegrass.  To those of you who are already riding the Green train, colorfully carry on.  

*Greensky Bluegrass:  They are about as good as it gets.  You dig the Avett Brothers? With all due respect (and I mean this in all sincerity), that’s adorable.  You like Mumford and Sons? “Well, go to a store, buy a hat, and get ready to hold the fuck on to it!” –Tina Fey, SNL. 

I had the chance to chat with Mike Bont (banjo), founding member of the band, and got a quick glimpse into the goings-on of the 5-piece, in demand group.  And when I say “in demand”, I mean “in freaking demand”. Not only are they upper bill for Blue Ox and Telluride Festivals, he announced with me that they are also on the bill for Bonnaroo 2020 which was just announced today!!

Regardless if you are a fan of the Bluegrass genre or not, if you simply hold music composition and the art of lyricism in deep regard, Greensky Bluegrass is an exceptional group and lucky for us here in St. Louis, they will be in town doing a show at the Pageant on Wednesday, January 15th.  Bont said that he’s quite familiar with St. Louis, not only because the band has played here a handful of times, but also because his brother lives in the area as well.  

In Bont’s off-time from touring, he likes tinkering around the house, cooking, and golfing in the summer.  Sounds pretty cush, right? Hell, yes! And of course since his brother lives in St. Louis and he’s from Michigan, and well, the 2006 World Series happened, I had to ask Mr. Bont how he felt about the Cardinals.  He said in a very non-dickish way, “I think that they’re a baseball team.” We both then reflected on the sounds of summer embodied by Jack Buck (for me) and Ernie Harwell (for Mike). We shared a few rivalrous, but friendly snicks, but then it was back to business because Mr. Banjo Savant had to unexpectedly transform into Mr. Garage Door Fixer Guy because, well….life.

Greensky Bluegrass is starting their winter/spring 2020 tour right here in St. Louis and taking it through April.  They’ll take a break until June when their fans pack up their campers and head to one or more of the four scheduled multi-day festivals.  (Note to concertgoers: Take plenty of Vitamin C for increased, errrr…..uhhh….immune resiliency and sunscreen. Oh…don’t forget the pot. (For outdoor cooking when you get the munchies from smoking all the pot.)

So, I’m assuming I will see you at the Pageant on Wednesday night for the show.  Town Mountain from Asheville, North Carolina, will be warming up the crowd.  Light shows invoking consciousness expansion will compliment the ear and ego fuck you’re sure in which to indulge. 

See you at the show.  This is not a negotiation. Get your tickets here:  https://www.greenskybluegrass.com And pick up their latest album, All For Money.

Special thanks to Mike Bont for taking the time to speak to me.  I hope you got your garage door fixed and your wife to work on time.  Peace, love, and Zeppelin.

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