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Jared Padalecki to Star in Walker, Texas Ranger Reboot

by Nick Stucker

Of the many hit television shows to air during the 90’s, Walker, Texas Ranger was perhaps one of the most watched and remembered shows, thanks to actor Chuck Norris and his famous round house kicks.

Premiering in September 1993, Walker, Texas Ranger carried on for 8 seasons until finally ending in May 2001. It was headed by Norris himself, portraying Texas Ranger Cordell Walker, and while not rising him to stardom (since he was already a hit, world renowned actor by this time), it only solidified at how much of a badass he is.

Fast forward 18 years later, Supernatural star Jared Padalecki has been officially announced to replace Norris’ iconic role as Cordell Walker. The series will be rebranded as Walker, and while we will always know Norris as the high flying, kicking Texas Ranger, it is certainly an interesting pick for Padalecki to portray such an action packed, dramatic role.

As of this moment, Walker does not have a slated release date or even a network as it is still in the pre-production phase.

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