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The Dandy Warhols Successfully Brought Sonic Sound To Delmar Hall

Made First STL Appearance In 7+ Years With Newly-Released "ROCKMAKER" In Tow

by Brian Ledford

It may be hard to believe, but Portland, Oregon-based quartet The Dandy Warhols have been plying their trade for three decades.

Time sure does fly by!

Photo Credit: Carrie Zukoski

Formed in 1994, the collective has cultivated their brand of sonic, cerebral alternative rock and with each ensuing release, launched by their 1995 debut, “Dandys Rule OK,” they have perpetually shifted gears rhythmically over time while consistently swaying the bodies of their loyal fanbase.

While the 20-somethings then are now collectively older, and wiser, they still possess a youthful spirit today and construct solid additions that pushes their overall portfolio.

Back for the first time in St. Louis since October 2016, The Dandy Warhols performed at Delmar Hall Saturday night for the tenth stop of a breakneck, dozen-city tour that only spans 15 days this month.

It’s a pretty fast driving rave up of a push that keenly coincides with the release of their latest offering, “ROCKMAKER,” which dropped Friday.

Photo Credit: Carrie Zukoski

And for those that attended the U-City Loop venue this weekend, the overall results were pretty positive as the unit offered numerous nuggets from their catalogue with solid musicianship.

Launched by a radio-friendly single – 1997’s “Not If You Were the Last Junkie on Earth” – the Dandys performed a smartly constructed 17-song set that spanned 90 minutes (albeit one song added within the show was impromptu – more on that later.)

While front man and primary songwriter Courtney Taylor-Taylor has been historically a focal point thanks to looks and attitude, associates Peter Holmstrom (guitar), Zia McCabe (bass/keyboards) and Brent DeBoer (drums) have also effectively propelled the overall band missive that make all four equal parts of the band’s sum.

Photo Credit: Carrie Zukoski

Saturday’s highlights included more identifiable concert staples: “Bohemian Like You,” “We Used to Be Friends,” “Godless” and “Shakin’.”

There were also some pleasant surprises, such as a really-bouncy version of 2019 single “Be Alright” and “Plan A” from 2003’s “Welcome to the Monkey House.”

There was additionally a comical, but charming, moment during the first few strums of “I Love You,” when McCabe had to exit the stage for an assumed potty break, which forced Taylor-Taylor to solely lead the audience in a sing-along of their 1997 single, “Every Day Should Be a Holiday.”

Photo Credit: Carrie Zukoski

The band featured four songs from the current ”ROCKMAKER” release: the crunching “I’d Like To Help You With Your Problem,” the melodic “Summer of Hate,” the earthy “Danzig With Myself” and “I Will Never Stop Loving You,” which had McCabe helming the vocal duties of their “ROCKMAKER” platter guest, Blondie’s Deborah Harry. Unbeknownst to some that haven’t follow the most-recent material, the tunes did fit nicely within the setlist.

As a vocalist that utilizes a pair of microphones simultaneously during songs (one straightforward, the other a blues harmonica mic), Taylor-Taylor still brings the goods as a crisp singer deep into his career as he strums rhythm guitar.  Meanwhile, the more-reserved Holmstrom continues his signature lead fret work that brought the psychedelia to the forefront.

Photo Credit: Carrie Zukoski

Adding her own level of groove during the performance, McCabe’s long mane was perpetually flowing (thanks to a strategically placed air blower) while she played either bass keyboards whilst shaking her tambourine or when she converted to a standard bass guitar for extra thump.

DeBoer, who provided background vocals over numerous songs, pounded percussion with steady precision on a minimal kit that provided rich and full sound.

The show concluded with a band staple, a combo of “Pete International Airport” and “Boys Better,” both from 1997’s “…The Dandy Warhols Come Down.”

Photo Credit: Carrie Zukoski

As McCabe intently noodled with her Korg bass organ as the rest of the band left the stage, she genuinely told the appreciative audience, “Thank you so much, St. Louis. This was a lot fun.”

It most certainly was.

In short, the Dandys still rule…and that’s A-OK in today’s musical landscape.

For more information on the band, and to acquire “ROCKMAKER,” go to their official website.

Much slower in pace compared to the Dandys, Saturday’s opener – Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor – set the tone with an eight-song set that was respectively-received.

Photo Credit: Carrie Zukoski

The Detroit, Michigan trio of vocalist/guitarist Sean Morris, bassist/keyboardist Eric Oppitz and drummer Rick Sawoscinski brought their Motor City-version of psychedelia that they’ve been honing for 15 years.

Standouts in the 45-minute performance included leadoff “Sweet Girl Insanity,” set-ender “Black Mind,” and the blues/jazz-infused “Night Crawler” from their latest release, “Nocturnal Train to Mars.”

Overall, they were a nice compliment to the headliners and having the opportunity to shine in front of new audiences gives the band some extra attention.

The current tour for the pair concludes Monday in Los Angeles.

To see all of the awesome photos from Carrie Zukoski from this show, please click on this link.



Photo Credit: Carrie Zukoski

1. Not If You Were the Last Junkie On Earth
2. Shakin’
3. Ride
4. I’d Like To Help You With Your Problem
5. We Used to Be Friends
6. Summer of Hate
7. Danzig With Myself
8. Plan A
9. Be Alright
10. Everyday Should Be A Holiday
11. I Love You
12. I Will Never Stop Loving You
13. Arpeggio Adaggio
14. Crack Cocaine Rager
15. Godless
16. Bohemian Like You
17. Pete International Airport / Boys Better



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