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Sebastian Bach at Delmar Hall, 9/19/19

Sebastian Bach: Yes, his hair is still god damn beautiful and so was his rock show

by Danya Artimisi

Sebastian Bach destroyed Delmar Hall on Thursday night to a sold out crowd who came thirsty as fuck to get ruthlessly rocked.  According to the droves of 80s era-black t-shirt wearing-40 somethings stumbling out the venue, that thirst was satisfied exponentially.

The line to enter the pristine, still new-ish venue was wrapped around the block, some fearing missing out on the entrance of Kobra and the Lotus.  Never fear, the friendly and professional security and staff made it happen with time to spare to lock down a City Wide (or your bevvy of choice) and peruse the crowd for the perfect spot to get your face rocked off.

Kobra and the Lotus hit the stage promptly at 8:00 like WHOA.  The Canadian heavy metal band busted down the stage and took prisoners immediately.  Kobra was  there to warm up the crowd, but brought the inferno.

One can sit there all day and refer to lead singer, Kobra Paige, as a beautiful rock babe, but allow it to be said that that bad ass fucked up the stage and her departure, although within her time allotted, was premature.  The crowd wanted more, and was beyond ready for Bach.

Tick tock…..Tick tock…..Tick tock……

The crowd is waiting eagerly, but patiently.  Waiting….waiting….still waiting.  9:05 came and went.  9:25……9:45.  Brooooo, come on!  I’m losing my buzz.

In the definitive 80s rock star fashion, Sebastian Bach finally appeared.  Honestly, I stopped paying attention after 9:55, but brotherman blazed on stage with the energy and power he has consistently brought for over 30 years.  30 YEARS, Y’ALL!  Sure, there are several vet rockers that are still standing, but they are among the few who have stood the test of time; Bach proving to be a member of the exclusive, elite club.

The setlist satisfied the masses as they broke out with every staple that you played on your tape deck, driving down Lindbergh with the T-tops off in the IROC-Z.

Loyal fans rocked hard to every song, but lost their minds when the big ones hit.  Sweet Little Sister, 18 and Life, Youth Gone Wild, and on and on, turned back time for Gen-Xers.  All of which was courtesy of Bach and his signature luxurious hair whipping and nailing the falsettos like, FUCK YEAH!

He wrapped the show with a 3-song encore, ending with the explosive Monkey Business.

Delmar Hall had quite a mess to clean up after that load blow.  Let’s hope that Bach comes back real soon.  Oh, and bring Kobra Paige back with ya.  Her beauty is peripheral.  Her bad ass leads in command.

Setlist: Sebastian Bach: 30th Anniversary Tour, Delmar Hall, September 19, 2019



Big Guns

Sweet Little Sister

Can’t Stand the Heartache

Piece of Me

18 and Life

Rattlesnake Shake

Youth Gone Wild

Here I Am

Makin’ A Mess

I Remember You



Slave to the Grind

In a Darkened Room

Monkey Business

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