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An Open Letter to John Mozeliak

by Aaron Mullins

If you’ve taken a look at social media recently, you’ve probably come across some words from Cardinals President of Baseball Operations John Mozeliak.

101espn on Twitter

John Mozeliak says he knows “88 wins is not good enough,” and hopes fans know he and the #STLCards are constantly trying to right the ship. #MLB Do you have faith they’ll do what they need to? @Luke101ESPN’s brief report from Mo’s 2018 exit presser: https://t.co/NMeZWSlDhp

TheBaseballGuy1 on Twitter

John Mozeliak: “I have a responsibility to manage the finances in a smart way.” Same dude who spent $193MM on Mike Leake, Brett Cecil, and Dexter Fowler. We may define “smart” differently. #STLCards

I just have to say… enough talk. Just make something happen. As you see above, Leake, Cecil, and Fowler aren’t the big ticket items, and they didn’t work out. Mo… Buddy… Pal… go get a superstar. I know that the Cardinals have been close the last few years, but close is not good enough. It doesn’t matter how many times the Cardinals won even after Pujols left. Pujols is gone, but Harper, Machado, Goldschmidt… They are all available in some capacity. This city deserves a player to rally behind.

Now I understand it’s not entirely your fault. Heyward didn’t want to come back… Boston overbid for Price… Stanton wanted to be in New York… I get it… But don’t let that be an excuse. I don’t want to believe that you are okay with mediocrity in St. Louis. The 2018 Cardinals made a good run down the stretch, but it wasn’t good enough. Would Machado or Harper made the difference? Who knows, but it would certainly be fun to watch.

It’s not my money. I understand you and the rest of the front office want to be “responsible” with the finances… But you have to take risks for premier talent. Spending $30-80 Million on B Level talent won’t cut it. Those are good secondary pieces, but you can’t build an organization around that. You might have to shell $350 Million to get the likes of a Harper or Machado.

The Cardinals have been without a playoff berth since 2015. Change it. Make a solid effort to change that. If we acquire Harper, Machado, Goldschmidt, or any number of players and don’t make the playoffs, at least you went for it.

The Cardinals don’t pay me to know what you should do to better the team, but sometimes I wish they did.  This off-season you have a tremendous opportunity to add premier talent to this roster for years to come. You mention that you need to add talent to help with the young talent. Now’s the time.

Don’t say it… Do it.

Thanks for Reading

Aaron M.

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