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El Monstero’s Summer Concert Was HOT!

by Maddox O'Rourke

It’s that time of year again. Hollywood casino amphitheater presents the yearly summer show with El Monstero. A huge venue compared to the winter shows, this production HAS to be bigger than life. The sweltering heat didn’t stop anyone from this yearly tradition as fans flocked in from all over for the most unique, over the top, non stop entertaining experience you never knew you needed to have.

YES! The show starts with a rock n roll hall of famer, Jon Anderson. The former lead singer and a founding member of Yes!, Jon was joined on stage with his current touring band, The Band Geeks. What an honor to have heard the man sing some of the most iconic, and symphonic songs of the 70’s. “Starship Trooper” and “Roundabout” were absolutely memorizing. Jon included a few songs as a solo artist and a new song he recently recorded with The Band Geeks. This 79 year old man still has that classic sound same as he did all those years ago. What an absolute dream to have been able to hear this legend live.

Now for the show itself, it included special guests, incredibly eye catching visuals, and beautiful musicianship. The over the top production started with the sounds of helicopters, but did it stop there, nope. The sounds quickly transitioned from speaker to an ACTUAL FLYOVER. You’re telling me this is a local band?? I knew then I had NO IDEA what was actually about to happen.

Now at first, I was skeptical. El Monstero has never come to mind, nor had been mentioned to me before, but now after seeing them, I can’t wait to see them again! I will now join the locals to experience this phenomenon as per tradition. My only concern now is obtaining tickets for the holiday/winter shows at the pageant, as this band sells out every show, every. single. year.

The Setlist for this performance included many fabulous and well known songs from the Pink Floyd catalog: “Another Brick in the Wall Pt 2”, “Shine On You Crazy Diamond (I-V)”, “Time”, “Comfortably Numb”, and a lot more. To be honest the whole setlist is full of iconic and lasting songs. Wish they could’ve included them all! From trippy visuals, to strippers, to fire dancers, a fire gong, the best saxophone player I have ever heard (and honestly this man stole the spotlight every time he played), this production deserves a 10/10 and a huge thank you to the stage crew who set this up. There seriously was never one dull moment. This production is clearly more than an ERA, it’s a life changing enterprise.

The time is gone, the show is over, and there is one more thing to say. El Monstero is more than a tribute band. They are THE tribute band. To say this show was just another rock concert would be an insult. This band has been “kicking around on a piece of ground in their home town” for a while, and from what I saw they can put on one hell of an incredible show. They’re the closest thing to a touring Pink Floyd in 2024 and they’re as good as a touring Pink Floyd. Saint Louis’ very own Pink Floyd, and I will forever be at their shows.

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