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Rizzuto URGE’d us to have a blast at his birthday bash!

by Melissa O'Rourke

Hello my pretties, we’re back with another concert review. Today we visit (yet again)the amazing, open air venue, St.Louis Music Park. This place offers no bad views regardless where you’re sitting, but the best part- the sound. I am always blown away with the acoustics here, even when you’re waiting in line for the MANY concessions they offer.

Todays review: Rizzuto’s birthday bash featuring Jimmie’s Chicken Shack, Stabbing Westward, and a local favorite, The Urge. This show is a celebration, a high school reunion and a reminder of how lucky we were to grow up with this music. Saint Louis rocks.

First up: Jimmie’s Chicken Shack. This group comes straight from the east coast, Annapolis, MD. They literally flew here 12 hours ago. They came to deliver and they did just that. A high energy alternative rock experience. The stage takes me back to all the local venues of my youth. Lights, equipment, musicians and an audience (except we have adult money now and the equipment is badass). The set up is simple. It stays this way through the entire birthday bash.

Now we’re about to see Stabbing Westward, the second act.

This band hales from our neighbors in Illinois. They’ve been around since 1994, when The Point first played them, and continued to support them the entirety of their career. Remember the stage is simple: no flashy stuff, just them and their music. The setlist was nostalgic, the crowd was feeling it. They played all their defining hits and continually thanked STL and 105.7 The Point for always being fans. What do I have to do? Listen, they took me back. 1998. Save Yourself. The entire venue was reminiscing singing songs straight from muscle memory. The birthday magic was in the air.

A huge birthday cake, a bucket list check off- Lern popped out and announced THE URGE. The stage is set, local music royalty is about to grace our ears. Buckle up Saint Louis, next stop: the 90’s.

At this point the seats are filling in, we’re here to support some homegrown talent and rock out like our backs don’t hurt! A live  horn section, flying inflatable pickles, the atmosphere was poppin’. Steve and the band brought us all the career highlights, and we knew every. single. word. We’re out here living our best lives. The  crowd singing was overpowering the actual audio and no one sat down the entire show! If you’ve never been to a hometown show for The Urge, you have to go. It’s an event that will leave you exhilarated.

Happy Birthday Rizzuto, and thanks for the birthday invitation!


The Urge – https://photos.archcity.media/Mickolas/Music/The-Urge/The-Urge-at-STL-Music-Park-81823/

Stabbing Westward –

Jimmie’s Chicken Shack –

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