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Lindsey Stirling Brings BACH The Classics To STL

by Melissa O'Rourke

Back again at Saint Louis Music Park (details of how amazing this venue is can be found in my previous reviews), this time it’s Lindsey Stirling. The weather was a dream and we were gifted a beautifully chilly August evening. No worries, things heated up quickly! This tours opening act, Walk Off The Earth, set the tone quickly. We were in for a night of phenomenal music by some one of a kind artists.

Walk Off The Earth is a Canadian indie pop group who found fame early on in the days of YouTube with their unique and quirky covers. This band gave us a very eclectic setlist including some originals and various covers. The show was quickly stolen with the song My Stupid Heart featuring Luminati Suns (as made popular on TikTok). These kids brought a new energy to the crowd, and it was mesmerizing. The set ended with a very impressive melody of all the members playing an instrument THEY created. A GuitHarpUlele. All four members played at once and sang with such folksy harmonies, it created such a whimsical vibe which was very much appreciated. This band is exactly how I would describe my brain at 3am, and I loved every second of it. End scene, let us prepare for the main event, Ms. Stirling.

Lindsey Stirling. She’s a classically trained violinist from Arizona, with over 3 billion YouTube views and she’s performing in Saint Louis. Let the show begin. The simplicity of the stage was a beautiful scene in itself, it only allowed room for the concert goer to appreciate the sheer talent Lindsey Stirling brings to her show. The lighting matched her intensity so perfectly.

Lindsey opened her set with one of her original songs, Beyond the Veil. This was the beginning of a musical journey, and we were all along for the ride. This show brought such positivity and encouragement for young people as well as aspiring musicians. Lindsey is truly using her platform for good.

This woman is also such a stickler for detail and her bedazzling skills deserve a mention. She blings everything. She choreographs, she designs the costumes, the dance routines, what can’t she do?

Lindsey has a plethora of violins and each perfectly matches the mood on stage. The troop of dancers were so beautifully complimentary to Lindsey and her violins. The musical assistance of Ryan (the amazing guitarist/keyboardist) and Drew (drums) simply perfect.

The show dynamic just kept going up with every song performed. From perfecting a classical Bach piece, to a SINGLE KNEE HANG while still playing was just simply stunning. An enchanting 17 song set list made for a magical evening no one could forget. I highly recommend anyone seeing at least one show of hers. It’ll change everything.

Lindsey wrapped up this extraordinary set with Kashmir, her rendition of an iconic Zeppelin song. She did not disappoint.

The crowd was completely charmed by this spitfire of a performer. I never knew the true meaning of dynamite comes in a small package until I seen a Lindsey Stirling concert.


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