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New Artist Spotlight – American Glory by Eddy Yang

by Aaron Mullins

Welcome back to another edition of New Artist Spotlight. On this segment we take a look at American Glory by Eddy Yang. American Glory is the debut album for Yang and he blends classic rock guitar sounds with hip hop beats throughout. Yang also did all of the mastering, mixing, and production for the record.

Track List:
1. On Our Way (Into The Night)
2. Burning Up The Streets
3. Chasing Something
4. Into The Night
5. Rock N Roll Legends
6. Revolutionaries
7. Renegades
8. Hypnotized
9. It’s Just Rock N Roll
10. Lost In Your Surrender
11. Into The Night Again
12. American Glory

There is a lot of potential in this record, however I feel it does fall short of expectations. Yang lacks in overall vocal quality throughout the record despite pretty good production value. A lot of the songs do feel incredible similar as far as instrumentation goes.

Songs 1-3 in particular just blended together it seems like. If that was the goal it certainly accomplished it’s goal. Many of the songs are also rather lengthy. Yang consistently hits over 4 minutes on his tracks even eclipsing 5 minutes multiple times.

Like I said, there is potential here but I was left wanting a little bit more.

Rating 5/10

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Artist Links
Youtube Channel

Contact Details
Artist Contact: [email protected]
Press Contact: [email protected]

His influences stretch from classic rock artists like The Velvet Underground, Television, and Bruce Springsteen to modern artists like Kanye West, Beach House, and Chvrches.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading!

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