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#63 St. Chux Falls Late To #51 Chicago Outfit

by Brian Ledford

(CHICAGO, IL) The primary travel squad of the St. Chux Derby Chix, currently ranked #63 internationally by the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), battled mightily against #51 Chicago Outfit Saturday night but suffered a 240-194 setback at Windy City Fieldhouse.

image2The 46-point loss dropped the St. Charles County-based rollers to 1-6.

Trailing 13-0 after the first three jams, SCDC captain Jedi Knight-N-Gale posted a 14-point strike in the ensuing rotation that gained the Pack in Black a 14-13 scoreboard flip.

Both teams traded points as the first period progressed but a late 30-7 run by the Outfit in the half’s final five jams gave the hostesses a slim 103-96 lead at intermission.

In the second period, a stingy SCDC blocking schema, braced by Big Red, Blue Collar Brawler, PIxie Dust-Ruction and others, propelled a 30-point power jam launch by Knight-N-Gale that resulted in a 126-103 lead change.

Chicago Outfit quelled the momentum shift with a 31-4 run over the next four jams and regained the lead 134-130.

Deep into the contest, SCDC stayed close to the Outfit on the ledger but a 24-point strike by Chicago jammer Ice Hurt on the period’s penultimate jam sealed victory for the Syndicate.

The Outfit outscored St. Chux, 137-98, in the second half to notch the win and improve to 2-4.

Knight-N-Gale topped SCDC scoring with 128 points followed by Sha’Killa’s 23.

St. Chux returns to home play at Matteson Square Garden in St. Peters on July 9.

For more information on SCDC, go to stchuxderbychix.com.

(Field reporting by Gil Tiemann)



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