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Top Five Stories to Watch in NFL Week 15


Carolina looks to join historic teams, many teams in the NFC East could be in trouble, and the Seahawks will put on quite the show

  1. Carolina Panthers@ New York Giants- The Panthers look to cement their legacy with a 14-0 start while the Giants will try and keep pace with the rest of the NFC East. The Giants are no strangers to undefeated teams, after all they did knock off the 18-0 Patriots in the Super Bowl in 2008. Only three teams in NFL history have went 14-0 and all made the Super Bowl. It would hard to imagine the Giants losing momentum if they were able to come up with a big win here. On the other hand, a single loss this late in the season could eliminate New York from any real playoff contention. For the Giants, the season is on the line.
  2. Cleveland Browns@ Seattle Seahawks- This isn’t going to be a good close game. Seattle is going to roll over the Browns and it will not be pretty for Cleveland. I put this game on the list for the sole reason with the way the Seahawks have been playing, this is going to be a clinic on both sides of the ball. Russell Wilson is going to tear apart anything resembling a defense the Browns try to field. Jonny Football isn’t even close to being ready for the Legion of Boom. This is a great game to see what sloppy football looks like when it is put up against championship caliber football. Of course look for me to eat my words if the Browns come away with a win. If that happens, I may have to take a couple weeks offs.
  3. Chicago Bears@ Minnesota Vikings- The Bears have been looking good this season. Next year you can count on the NFC North being at least a three team race. The Vikings are trying to bounce back from a devastating loss last Thursday night. With Green Bay taking out the Raiders, another loss for Minnesota would all but regulate them back to the wildcard. This being a divisional game means you can’t count on the better team winning. These types of games are impossible to predict which make them so much fun to watch.
  4. Denver Broncos@ Pittsburgh Steelers- This is easily the best game of the week. Pittsburgh is surging trying to fight their way into the playoffs while the Broncos are coming off a loss that knocked them out of a first round bye. The implications of this game are wild. Another loss for Denver puts the Steelers only a game back and even worse, even the Chiefs could be only a game back as well. In just two weeks, the Broncos could go from third seed to sixth seed if they are not careful. The question is how can Brock Osweiler bounce back from a loss? Can he learn from his mistakes and beat a team riding a wave of momentum or is he doomed to make the same mistakes again?
  5. Arizona Cardinals@ Philadelphia Eagles- From what I have seen of the Eagles, they play pretty good prime time ball. That and Sam Bradford is going up against a team he used to face twice a year when he played for the Rams. The Cardinals have had very little problem with good teams this year so going up against an average team should come easy to them. Arizona is one of the last healthy teams remaining and their record shows it. Much like the Panthers/Giants The Eagles need this game to stay relevant. The Cardinals will be okay with a loss but with a win wrap up the NFC West, which is important to do now that the Seahawks are hot on their tail.

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