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NFL Week 17 Top Stories to Watch


We are one week away from getting the best football of the season, here is what you should watch the last week of the season.

  1. Minnesota Vikings@ Green Bay Packers- There are many games this week that have direct playoff implications, but this one has the most. This is for the championship. One team gets to play at home next week the other is on the road. That is about all I should have to say to get you to tune in Sunday night. The Vikings are looking for revenge after losing in week 11 and they have quite the battle in Lambeau ahead of them. Teddy Bridgewater doesn’t need to be on top of his game if the Packers last couple outings are any indication of what we can expect to see. Aaron Rodgers on the other hand has to come out of the gate firing. This game will be won and lost based out how the Vikings handle Rodgers. All season long these two teams have been a couple of the biggest threats of the NFC, I can’t think of a more fitting game to end the regular season with.
  2. Seattle Seahawks@ Arizona Cardinals- The Cardinals still have a shot at the number one seed in the playoffs. They went into Seattle and embarrassed the Seahawks, now that they have even more to play for I expect the same to happen. However after coming off a loss, how are the ‘Hawks going to bounce back? They played such a strong second half of the season, do they remember how to make proper adjustments when what once worked gets shut down? The last few seasons Seattle and San Francisco were once the best teams in the NFC. Arizona can take hold of the reigns and force the changing of the guard by sweeping Seattle and going into January with 10 straight wins.
  3. New York Jets@ Buffalo Bills- Last week the Jets playoff destiny was not in their hands. Then Baltimore upset Pittsburgh and they are now facing a win and in scenario. The Bills will of course try to play spoiler but they have long seemed disinterested in winning the back half of the season. When one team has something to play for and the other is already looking to the off season adjustments, it should be an easy win for the Jets. Of course the game is in Buffalo and anything could happen but New York is coming off a win against the past team in the AFC, dropping the most important game of the regular season now would be embarrassing.
  4. Denver Broncos@ San Diego Chargers- The Broncos were able to bounce back from a 14 point deficit against the Bengals to ensure they play an extra week in the playoffs. Now all they have to do is win here and they get an extra week off to rest Peyton Manning. The Chargers are on an extended week of rest and will be looking to do everything they can do play spoiler. This is a little different then the Jets/Bills. These two teams don’t like each other and have always found ways to cause problems for one another in the playoffs. When these two teams are playing at the highest level, these games are always entertaining. This is a pretty underrated rivalry that may only have one more week to expand on. If the Chargers end up moving, this may be the last we see of those two teams giving it their all. This could be a blow out but it would also be worth watching.
  5. Philadelphia Eagles@ New York Giants- There are no playoff implications in this game which may make it one of the best games of the week. Unlike the Broncos/Chargers, this is one of the best rivalries in sports and everyone knows it. Because there is nothing to play for, this could be one of the hardest hitting games of the season. There is nothing to lose. If you can watch this game, I certainly would. Sometimes bragging rights are a powerful thing to play for.

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