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Fitz and the Tantrums, Andy Grammer + Maggie Rose Made for an Unforgettable Night

The Wrong Party Tour Sure Sounded Right

by Carrie Zukoski

OMIGosh — all the dancing, all the joy and inspiration, and All. The. Fun. What a way to end (or start depending on how you deem Sunday) the week. Co-headliners Fitz and the Tantrums, Andy Grammer, and opener Maggie Rose made everyone’s night at Saint Louis Music Park on August 14 one to remember.

Maggie Rose kicked the night off at 7 p.m. sharp with a little bit of blues, a little bit of gospel, and a little bit of country rock to the growing crowd. Her voice, however, is anything but little. Within the 30-minute set, Rose managed to easily engage the crowd with her charm, stunning vocals, and uplifting songs on her last night on this tour. 

Since 2011, multiplatinum artist Andy Grammer has lifted people’s spirits through his uncompromising, happy, high-energy, inspirational music and this cool summer night was no exception. Even the lighting, background graphics, and explosion of confetti were designed to radiate positivity throughout the 75-minute set. 

So much positivity exuded from Grammer you might wonder if he’s just one of those happy people all the time which this recent interview in I Don’t Mind confirmed that his “natural state ,,, is a happy puppy zone” but that he, too, works on self-care. 

Grammer began his set by reminding those in attendance that, “we try so hard to fit in we forget to be ourselves” before launching into “Damn It Feels Good to Be Me.” 

“I am not merely an economic unit I am human,” Grammer shared by breaking into the Beat-inspired spoken word poem “New Money” to transition into a new song entitled “Love is The New Money.” 

Michael Fitzpatrick of Fitz and the Tantrums joined in on “The Wrong Party.” 

“Joy” from his latest album The Art of Joy radiated one of the biggest sounds of the night with Grammer playing a little trumpet. 

He shared that he “bought a lot of stuff that says The Lou on it” to the crowd’s delight. He then donned a t-shirt with The Lou emblazoned upon eliciting squeals of approval from the crowd, as he performed his final number, the anthemic “Don’t Give Up on Me.” 

After a set change, Fitz and the Tantrums alit on a much simpler stage that entailed a large wall of rectangular white lights to create their captivating mood. 

From the get-go, the crowd was on their feet and many took to the sides of the arena to dance, sway, and jump throughout the next 75-minutes of their captivating pop/soul sounds.

“It’s a Sunday night and y’all don’t give a sh*t and came to party,” Fitzpatrick said part way through. 

He also revealed they’ll have a new album coming out this October and they’ve released their first song from it called “Sway,” which they then launched into.  

He joked a bit later saying, “ladies you’re looking at a 100 percent bonafide mamma’s boy” to intro “Fool.”

Noelle Scaggs vocals and moves were on point throughout. 

They also performed “MoneyMaker,” of which Fitzpatrick said, “wanna hear a song no one’s heard before?” (which, at this point in their The Wrong Party tour, wasn’t completely true as they’ve performed it a few times before but only a few). 

Fan favorites included “OCD,” Complicated,” and “123456.” 

This 14-year-old, critically acclaimed band knows how to bring the dance party with them.

From beginning to end this tour is bringing joy and gratitude to every city it touches.

 More photos: https://bit.ly/WPT22cz 


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