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‘THE DEAD ROSES’ come to life in rooftop performance

by Danya Artimisi

Three local femmes known as ‘The Dead Roses’ blazed the makeshift rooftop stage at Gaslight Lounge on Friday night.  The events have aptly been named Rooftop Live.

Gaslight began hosting live rooftop shows on May 31st in an effort to provide a much needed respite to the community by way of live music in a socially distant setting.  Previous sessions included performances from Jordan Suter, ft. Aden Black, and ‘The Screechin’ Halts’.

Last Friday, Gaslight Live was ignited by the all-female trio based out of Alton, Illinois.  Although the majority of the guests in attendance were likely seeking the chill vibe of the event with the rooftop music serving as a mood enhancer, judging by the applause from the crowd, it was clearly evident they were very well received.

The group played a two hour set which seemed to start off beautifully with some of their signature sounds rooted in folk, country, bluegrass, and rock.  As the sun descended into the horizon, the intensity of the music and the band began to rise.  The band had the crowd’s attention, which seemingly gave rise to a continuous energy progression on stage.

The Dead Roses are a sure thing.  They were born for the stage and they rock out like they just don’t give a fuck.  Check them out.  You won’t be disappointed.

Band members: Sarah Shewmake – Vocals, mandolin, guitar; Mila Raye Duffy – Vocals, bass guitar; Erin Jo Paddlefoot (Enochs) – Vocals, fiddle, guitar, bass, mandolin, kazoo.

Covers – 6.12.20

Dead Flower

Whiskey River

Steal Your Kisses

All That She Wants


Born This Way

I Can Tell That We Are Gonna Be Friends

House of Gold

End of the Line

Originals – 6.12.20

Heartbreak #2

Hang With You

Molly Shepard

Devil and I






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