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A St. Louis Rams “Funeral” would be just for fans

by Jeremy Bowen

The NFL had the fix in from the beginning of the process. Despite giving all of St. Louis large amounts of false hope time after time, Stan Kroenke is moving the team to Los Angeles. With the team moving, an event to see and say goodbye to current and former players for football fans in the city of St. Louis is the least the Rams and NFL can do for us after tormenting us for so long.

As so many other St. Louis fans have, I have come to love watching the explosiveness of Tavon Austin, the incredible runs by Todd Gurley, the sacks by Aaron Donald, etc. I want the chance to be able to shake the hands of every player on the Rams roster and tell them thank you for the joy they brought to St. Louis on Sunday’s. I know the team historically hasn’t been great over the last few years but this team did bring me and plenty of other fans happiness in recent years. Finally, as hard as it will be, I want to tell them goodbye. This would be heartbreaking but at the same time, it feels right.

I want Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Isaac Bruce, and the rest of the members of the Greatest Show On Turf to be there as well. I want to shake their hands as well and tell them thank you for the championship they brought to St. Louis, because that can never be taken away from this great city. I want to tell them thanks for being the offense that truly got me into football, and thanks for the countless memories.

The NFL and the now Los Angeles Rams have caused the city of St. Louis great heartbreak and suffering since the announcement of the team moving to LA. We just please ask that we get to thank and say goodbye to the team/players/coaches we’ve supported and rooted for throughout the years, and are devastated to see leave.


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