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You Could Hear a Pin Drop at the Pentatonix and Lauren Alaina Concert

by Cat Blassie

Good weather finally in Saint Louis brought in good music last night from the talents of Pentatonix and Lauren Alaina.

Lauren opened up the show. Lauren is a runner up from American Idol and her genre of music is country. She performed some original songs and some covers too. She has grown a lot since she has been on Idol and as an artist in general. I really liked her messages of self worth and looking at yourself in the mirror before you judge someone else. She spoke this before each song, like “Ladies in the 90s”, and “Road Less Traveled”. She is definitely inspirational to young girls. She and her band have a great vibe onstage and not to mention her vocals are amazing!

Pentatonix. This is the third time I have seen them in Saint Louis. They have grown as a group so much. This is the first time I have seen them with their new member Matt Sallee as bass. He was fantastic.

When you go to a Pentatonix concert you get to see different variations of music. From a capella, to cello with beatboxing, and solo performances to show off each member’s strengths. They are a group of individuals who celebrate one another as people and as individuals.

My favorite song covered by them is “Aha!.” Mitch Grassi who is the tenor of the group hits these insanely high notes towards the end of the song. Gives me chills every time. Scott Hoying, I wouldsay is the “spokesguy ” of the group, he led us through their 12 year career as some college students starting a capella group to a 3 time Grammy award winning pop group.

They reimagine what music could be. They enhance the culture around them. If you ever get a chance in this lifetime to see them you must. No instruments. All voices. It will blow your mind.


Pentatonix – https://photos.archcity.media/Mickolas/Music/Pentatonix-at-HCASTL-82823/

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