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Crown Magnetar Released New Album ‘Everything Bleeds’ & New Music Video ‘Nail Funeral’

by Charley Johns

Colorado’s finest purveyors of brutal and unrelenting tech deathcore, Crown Magnetar have dropped their extraordinarily heavy new album, ‘Everything Bleeds’, out now via Unique Leader Records. Listen to the album HERE.

To celebrate the release of the album, the band have also released the video for new single, “Nail Funeral”. Watch the video HERE or by clicking the image below.

In a statement about the release of the new album, the band share,

“We are ecstatic about the reception we’ve been receiving for this new album. Here’s hoping we can reach an even greater audience with a modern Deathcore sound while appealing to OG fans. Life and music moves in cycles and this genre is, in our opinion, undergoing a massive resurgence. We hope to leave our mark on it here.”

Crown Magnetar are one of the most brutal and technical bands in the modern deathcore scene today. With a unique combination of tech, core and death elements, as with their previous releases, Crown Magnetar truly set the stage for the ‘Everything Bleeds’ prior to it’s release previous singles “The Level Beneath“, album title track, “Everything Bleeds” and “Prismatic Tomb“. The album is even more vicious and carnal than anything that has come before with New Transcendence stating “In short, Everything Bleeds is nothing short of phenomenal and is one of few must-listen records in 2023.” in their 10/10 album review, Ghost Cult Magazine boldly stating “Crown Magnetar does deathcore the right way.” and Wall of Sound claiming “Everything Bleeds is a must listen for those who want their brutal deathcore uncompromising and completely devastating”

Speaking on the upcoming album, the band share

“Everything Bleeds is easily our best work. We put everything we had into this release. 10 hate filled, punching you in the face tech deathcore tracks. We dove deep into making the album more dynamic but still keeping our signature sound. This record has more of everything we’re known for and then some.”

‘Everything Bleeds’ is available now HERE with a host of exclusive vinyl variants and must-have merch items for any self-respecting Crown Magnetar fan.



Track Listing

1. Nail Funeral

2. Hex Ov Hate

3. The Level Beneath

4. Everything Bleeds

5. Unholy Neck Stab

6. Only The Spine Remains

7. The Killing Stone

8. Dead Season

9. Despised From Seed

10. Prismatic Tomb

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