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The Struts and Mac Saturn Ignited a Fire in the Hearts of St. Louis Fans

by Carrie Zukoski

The Struts keep rising to new heights. What has to be one of Britain’s hardest-working rock ’n’ roll bands today, The Struts know how to put on a concert. The undeniable showmanship and charisma exuding from each band member leave swaths of swooning fans in their wake. The glitz and glam of lead singer Luke Spiller (aka Luke Struts) is electrifying as is his genuine smile. 

On the seventh night of their 25-city, five-week Remember the Name tour, The Struts’ 90-minute performance of powerful, explosive, danceable, and exhilarating songs left fans frenzied and floating on air as they exited The Pageant in St. Louis on June 25. A surprise song, “Low Key in Love” made it in the rotation of the night when Spiller paused after seeing a large sign an avid fan on the rail had that said “low key in love with The Struts.” 

Their set was full of fan favorites, kicking off with “Dirty Sexy Money” and “Body Talks” and closing with “Could Have Been Me.” They also performed their soon-to-be-released single “Too Good at Raising Hell” with a bit of spoken word/rap featured amidst the catchy tune.  

Detroit favorites and up-and-comers Mac Saturn opened the night with 35 minutes of their modern twist on 70s-inspired soul-infused rock and roll filled with groovy hooks and grooves. Their third time to St. Louis in less than one year, the sextet has been touring nonstop and gaining fans left and right with their flair and beat with Sunday night being no exception. Songs included “Mr. Cadillac” and “Mint Julep.” 

If you’ve never seen either of these bands live sure, you’ll still enjoy their dynamic music but seeing them perform brings an entirely new dimension to their music. Bands like these have to be one of the reasons why kids want to be rock stars when they grow up. 

A big thanks to 105.7 The Point radio for sponsoring this stop in St. Louis. 

See what’s coming up next at The Pageant.

For more great photos from the night visit https://bit.ly/Struts23cz


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