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Echosmith Brought Love, Light and Inflatables to their Halloween Concert

by Carrie Zukoski

When Echosmith performed in St. Louis at Delmar Hall on their The Hang Around Tour they surprised their avid fans by appearing in inflatable costumes. It was, after all, Halloween night. Graham Sierota tried to nonchalantly take a seat at his drum set in a giant Porky Pig inflatable but didn’t quite make it the first time around. Bassist Noah Sierota then tenderly walked on stage in a large chicken inflatable and started drumming on a single drum. Finally, lead vocalist, Sydney Sierota bounded on stage in a wavy arm inflatable that, she said only partially inflated causing those wavy arms to stay down. None of the early mishaps deterred this multi-platinum sibling trio from launching into their newly-released, snappy single “Gelato” that’s all about just enjoying the now and not worrying about tomorrow. 

After two songs in costume, the newly formed band, The Inflatables, shimmied out of the costumes to become Echosmith once again to continue to dazzle with charm, wit, and best of all, catchy, happy tune

s. While changing, Sydney kept the crowd engaged by noting several costumes in the crowd including fans dressed as a Starbucks cup, Squid Games, line cooks, and Daphne. She shared that they’re so happy to be back on stage in person but also sad because they’re now halfway through their 25-date tour. 

They then launched into “Diamonds” from their 2020 album Lonely Generation and introduced “Hindsight,” a new, yet-to-be-released song.

In between several songs Sydney took time to try and connect on a deeper level with the crowd. She shared it was an intention “to make the whole tour about our fans.”

She continued to say, “The last couple of years has been challenging. I’m so fortunate to have people around me who support me. It’s important to have those people in your life. If you have someone in your life like that, think of them now.” 

Sydney then pulled one lucky fan on stage to talk about the person they thought of and recorded a message (on the fan’s phone) for that person while engaging the crowd. 

The band then launched into “Tell Her You Love Her.” 

Each segment of the night was well-planned out and thoughtful while being full of bright, cheerful indie-pop and sometimes bubbles. They ended the night with the high-energy “Cool Kids,” the song that helped skyrocket the young band in 2013 to Billboard Hot 100 and was certified triple platinum. Echosmith has matured in front of our eyes not only in age but in style and essence. 

A recent press release said, “Echosmith has entered a new era of creative freedom and career independence that is allowing them to make the more alternative-leaning, indie-pop music that has always been at the true heart of the band. 

Put them on your radar if they’re not already.

Another band to put on your radar is Lostboycrow. They, or he, Chris Blair, now hails from L.A. after growing up in the Pacific Northwest. His R&B, pop, and electronic sound came to full fruition with the inclusion of touring band members who helped keep the pace fun and bouncy during his 35-minute set. Songs included “Angelina” and “Candy Wine.” 

Vintage rock, 80’s new wave, and modern pop three-piece Band of Silver opened the night. 

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