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Ahead of Playoffs, Greater St. Louis, Inc. Provides Updated Economic Impact Data for Redbirds Season

Historic year pushes attendance over 3.3 million, estimated impact over $330 million;

by St. Louis Cardinals

In advance of the Cardinals’ Wildcard Playoff Series against the Philadelphia Phillies, Greater St. Louis, Inc. has released updated economic impact data for the 2022 season with projected impact numbers for this weekend’s Wildcard games.

“This has been a truly historic season that has brought Cardinal Nation together behind our team and our city, and we will all be cheering with one voice for the Redbirds to bring home championship number 12,” said Jason Hall, CEO of GSL. “Final attendance numbers are well over the pre-season projections, and that means millions of additional economic impact for the metro.”

At the start of the season, projected attendance was three million fans, resulting in a projected economic impact for the St. Louis metro of just over $300 million. With the regular season complete and another division title in hand, the final numbers show attendance exceeding 3.3 million, pushing the estimated economic impact total for the regular season to over $334.4 million.

The analysis by GSL estimates the direct economic impact for the 2022 season totaled $156.1 million, spurring an indirect economic impact of $178.3 million. Cardinals report out-of-town fans make up 40% of game attendees. Visitor spending on dining, lodging, and shopping provides a significant boost to the regional economy.

“The 2022 Cardinals season has already been one for the history books, and tourism pocketbooks with hotel occupancy and revenues in the metro area reaching and often exceeding pre-pandemic levels,” said Brian Hall, Chief Marketing Officer for Explore St. Louis. “Cardinals playoff baseball attracts thousands of fans each game from outside the metro area helping support the jobs of some 90,000 St. Louisans employed in the tourism and hospitality industry making it one of St. Louis’ largest and most vibrant.”

In addition to the projected economic benefit brought by Cardinals home games, the large number of fans and visitors games bring to Downtown attractions like Ballpark Village, Kiener Plaza, Citygarden, Laclede’s Landing, and Washington Avenue will promote public safety by increasing the number of feet on the street.

Wildcard Series Projected Impact

First pitch for the Wildcard series against the Phillies will take place at 1:07 p.m. Friday. With estimated impact of $7.6 million per playoff game, the best-of-three series is expected to generate between $15.2 million and $22.8 million in regional economic impact.

The analysis uses the economic impact model IMPLAN, which measures how spending tied to an event has multiple impacts and spreads throughout a region, thereby benefiting households and firms within the region. The direct, indirect, and total economic impact figures are based on estimates of visitor spending and the economic contribution of the Cardinals and Busch Stadium operations.

The Cardinals rank 7th on Forbes Magazine’s latest list of the most valuable baseball teams with a value of $2.45 billion.

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