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Careful With That Axe… El Monstero with Special Guests Living Colour

by Stacey Rios

Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre (go ahead, it’s Riverport, I know, I’m a transplant) was filled with fans to enjoy the beautiful side of Missouri’s infamous bipolar weather for a night of one the area’s main staples, El Monstero.

The living legends that are Living Colour opened the show. Their politically charged single “Cult of Personality” earned them a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance, but their one hour set showcased a full spectrum of their musical prowess and multi-decade spanning catalog. The ensemble moved effortlessly from genre to genre without hesitation. LC finished out their set with the crowd on their feet as dusk hit.

El Monstero came out to an anxious crowd, ready for the stellar show they are known for. Opening with Not Now, John & right into In The Flesh, & we are in The Wall. The band did highlights from Wish You Were Here, Animals, Meddle, Dark Side of the Moon, complete with the signature acoustic set. The starry backdrop a match for the comfortable starry summer night, while they gathered around a firepit. The band conducted a full singalong for Wish You Were Here while showing the memory filled video wall picture montage.

Pink Floyd has always been a band to address politics, & the recent climate has made those songs feel as relevant today as when they were released. Mark Quinn asked, “Mother, should I run for president?” & the crowd screamed YYEEAAAHHHHHH!!! He then asked, “Mother, should I trust the government?” & the whole stadium screamed NNOOOOOOOOOO!! No specific politics are mentioned, whatever lines people may stand behind, they are standing strong & feeling vocal.

At one point in the show, Jimmy Griffin said, “I don’t know about you, but I feel a little dangerous”, to which the crowd exploded. The fact is, we all know El Monstero. We know who they are, that there will be a first rate stage show, the Pink Floyd staple material, but it’s the sense of danger that is still present in the shows. Who will guest star with them? This show they used Living Colour for their signature guest spots. Cory Glover sang on Have a Cigar, it felt loose & spontaneous, & also showcased his high range as he harmonized with Mark Quinn on the choruses. Vernon Reid went Shreddy Kreuger on Money (like he did the entire Living Colour set) Special treat, Doug Wimbish on Careful With That Axe, Eugene, loops & envelope filters galore, but also some serious PLAYING. Honestly, it did all feel a little bit dangerous, like you weren’t sure what would happen next. Be careful with that axe… Which is what keeps us all coming back more & more & more…


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