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Crue In The Lou; Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison, Joan Jett, and Classless Act Rock Busch Stadium

by Stacey Rios

To those who showed up in full 80s regalia ready to rock at Busch Stadium on 7/5/22, I salute you! The 110 degree heat index did not deter the heavily teased hair, heavy makeup, leather, high heels, & boots! St. Louis showed up with entire families of mullets & crops of fans in crop tops. This die hard group was  ready to pump their fists to the arena rock show originally promised to us in 2020, repeatedly rescheduled, & finally delivered now in 2022!

Classless Act was first on the bill. These high energy rockers’ story is that they met through the socials from all over the world, united in style, communicated through DMs. They are now designated as an LA  band & fit perfectly with this tour’s Sunset Strip feel. You can hear that they were heavily versed in the metal classics & it showed in their song style, execution, & stage presence. Big sounding 4 on the floor rock with flashy guitar solos, all members working the crowd, a wailing front man & lots of hair.

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts walked out as Bikini’s Kill’s classic Rebel Girl (a genre JJ undoubtedly pioneered) was playing. They answered with an ICONIC list of songs ranging from Every Day People & Crimson & Clover to Fake Friends & Do You Want to Touch. We all hated ourselves for loving Joan Jett in the sweltering heat & breezeless stadium but not enough to stop clapping over our heads while we sang with all her anthems. Included was Cherry Bomb & You Drive Me Wild, nodding to the Runaways.

Poison received a huge welcome, everyone relieved to see Brett Michaels was performing & well after his recent hospitalization. He promised to give a great show & did what he always does best-make the crowd love him! CC Deville proved not all heroes wear capes as he gave a lengthy guitar solo of rapid sweeps & arpeggios, reminding us of his classical roots, ending with Eruption. Right around this time, the stadium was cooling off, just in time for all the happy hour Fallen Angels to come trickling in so they could raise their melting cocktails & sing along, Mama was dancing, Daddy was rocking & rolling! The party was officially in full swing, Poison played Ride the Wind while we all prayed for any wind at all.

Def Leppard brought the guitar licks & Joe Elliot’s voice sounded amazing. Along with the collection of hits you were expecting to pump your fist to, DL included an acoustic mini set that really showcased their vocal harmonies reminding us it’s not all about studio tricks & light shows. The sunset was a perfect backdrop for the transition back to full band. DL ended after dark with fist pumping anthems Pour Some Sugar, Rock of Ages, & Photograph complete with a video wall photograph montage of early pics of the band & fans from the crowd in their band shirts.

930pm, News Reports of Motley Crue STL invasion starts playing over the video wall & MC hits the stage running! Vince Neil’s voice was strong, the band was loud & proud. I was a fan of their Netflix biopic The Dirt (based on the book of the same name) & they celebrated almost the entire soundtrack. Also included was a medley of covers Rock’n’Roll (Gary Glitter) Smokin’ in the Boys Room, White Punks on Dope (love their version of this cult classic), Helter Skelter, & Anarchy in the UK. Tommy Lee (back on the bill!) commanded the crowd to light up the stadium with their cell phones & sing along while they played Home Sweet Home, which we all willingly did. Nikki Sixx offered a towel to the crowd “like I did your mom in 1986”. Mick Mars always the gunslinger, hot girl dancer/singers, all your favorite MC songs…the band wasn’t perfect, but it was great & it was LIVE.

All of these rock monsters matched the heat with energy on one of the hottest days of the year to deliver the best show to the best fans. 70’s Glitter & MTV classic came out with Tik Tok in this multi-generational festival of rock history. Live music is here to stay & the people came out to support!

Photo Galleries:

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Motley Crue: https://photos.archcity.media/Mickolas/Music/Motley-Crue-at-Busch-Stadium-7522/

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