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The Avett Brothers Were in Fine Fettle at Their St. Louis Performance  

An Evening With is Just What These Fans Needed

by Carrie Zukoski

The Avett Brothers have been crisscrossing extensively across the U.S. on their “evening with” tour since mid-March. With few breaks and plans to continue through late September, it appears they’re making up for lost time. They made their stop in St. Louis on Thursday night and it felt like a family (or high school) reunion of sorts. Fans who hadn’t seen each another in a long while greeted one another in warm embraces and wide smiles. While the large crowd eagerly awaited The Avett Brothers to take the stage, they were just as happy visiting with people who had become friends during the years due to one thing in common; their love of The Avett Brothers. 

Since the early 2000s, this three-time Grammy Award nominee North Carolina band has crafted their captivating brand of American folk-rock that brings about an atmosphere of camaraderie and joy which is even more apparent during their concerts. It was easy to see and hear the joyful ebb and flow between the brothers and the other band members during their 2-plus-hour performance at Saint Louis Music Park on this extra warm evening. While Bob Crawford, upright bass, was missed due to recovering from COVID-19, long-time past member Paul Defiglia did a stellar job filling in (as he had previously). Scott and Seth Avett know how to bring the energy and keep it lit throughout their concerts. Joe Kwon, Mike Marsh, Tania Elizabeth, and Bonnie Avett-Rini are all exceptional instrumentalists. Having members who mesh so well together is a testament to the strength and quality of The Avett Brothers. 

The jubilant mood from the night’s concert with undoubtedly leave many die-hard fans on a high for days, if not weeks to come. 

Songs from the extensive setlist flowed with a mix of favorites and newer songs that included “Live and Die,” “I Wish I Was,” “Ain’t No Man,” “Locked Up,” and the four-song encore ended with “No Hard Feelings.” 

See more photos from the night here: https://bit.ly/Avett22cz 

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