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5 Insane Cardinals Predictions that Just Might Come True: Revisited

by W.E. Sauls

Back in the spring of 2020, which was somehow 11 years ago, I made some predictions based on nothing but wild dreams, 7 cups of coffee, and desire to simultaneously elate and infuriate each half of the BFIB. Did it work? Yes, of course it did. You people are completely out of your skulls when it comes to this club…as am I.

But, what do we do now? A 60-game sprint to October! This is amazing. There are dozens of unexpected, waaaay out of left field things that are going to happen in the league this season… Too many to write about.

But, I can write about the 5 that may just happen here in Cardinal Country

Adam Wainwright finishes in the Top 5 of Cy Young voting

Nothing in my Lonedell R-14 University of Missouri public school educated brain is telling me this…but every last inch of my guts is. Waino was really good last year. Statistically one of the top three pitchers in baseball from Sep 1st thru October. He’s now had 8 months to heal, work, and prep for 10 to 12 starts. Craft, a fresh elbow, back, and shoulder teamed with Yadi and the knowledge that this really could be the final rodeo for the ol’ hook thrower will drive Uncle Charlie to 2013-14 type heights.

Final Line: 7-2 with a 2.35 ERA

Tyler O’Neil leads the NL in Bombs

The He-Man Doll come to life needs to be unleashed. If not this season, then when? The DH is here, there’s only 60 games, and his swing is a special weapon. Play him 55 games, get him 220 at-bats and I would bet Castle Grayskull that he hits at least 20 to where only cardboard cutouts can catch it.

HE HAS THE POWER!!!!!!!!!!


Yadier Molina finishes in the Top 5 of MVP Voting

Have you seen the Yad Father lately?? He looks 25 pounds lighter and ten years younger. Dude is literally in the best shape of his career. He never takes a day for granted and is as fresh for a season as he has been since 2004. Add a couple more neck tats and there will be no stopping him!

Final Line: .310 avg, 12 HRs, 47 RBIs,

Kolton Wong, Paul Goldschmidt, Harrison Bader, and Yadi all win Gold Gloves

Thinking back to a couple years ago when the Birds had the absolute worst defense in the bigs seems like a Hitchcockian nightmare. The rededication to defense and fundamentals gave the Cards one of the cleanest defensive lineups ever in 2019. This year’s may be the best defense since the 2004 team. With 4 everyday guys having the ability to hoist the GG at the end of the year…don’t be surprised if my next prediction comes true.

Jordan Hicks throws the final pitch of the fall classic

This is within the realm of reality. The Cards were in the final 4 last year without the best fastball ever thrown at their disposal. I love Carlos Martinez as much as anyone, but he’s a starter and it needs to stay that way. Hicks has the fastest fastball to ever be thrown. EVER. Faster than The Big Train, the Ryan Express, or the Big Unit. With this defense, the rest an older club needs, a stellar rotation, and the best veteran leadership in baseball, Hicks has a chance of throwing a 105.4 MPH heater past Aaron Judge and then leaping into the outstretched arms of Yadier Molina.


Until next time…long live Skeletor


W.E. Sauls is a native St. Louisan, a graduate of the University of Missouri and the front man of the band Money for Guns.






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