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GAME REVIEW: Paint by Numbers


A puzzle game! Well, I’m not sure if this will be a game, per se but it falls into the puzzle category. Today, we get to delve into the artistic side of ourselves with Paint by Numbers. You remember these from your childhood, don’t you? I remember the coloring books the best. The off-white pages & the box of 64-Crayola crayons, that color key I never stuck to because a horse’s mane doesn’t always HAVE to be brown. I digress.

Big Fish Games is giving us the chance to be kids again and Paint by Numbers. According to bigfishgames.com, there are over 100 pictures in a variety of images & a fill area tool. I won’t lie, I have a stash of coloring books & colored pencils so I’m pretty stoked to give this a whirl. It’s 60-minutes of free play & I’m headed there right now.

I had to use hints! Go ahead & say it…Laurie, it’s a paint by numbers puzzle game. Why did you need to use hints? I’m gonna tell ya. It’s harder than you would think! I bought it, by the way & Big Fish Game Club members get it for $3.49 today so it’s a bargain, too! Just be prepared to have some glasses handy or enlarge the screen (that’s an option) because there is a puzzle with some flowers, you’ll need help with. That’s the one I used hints on. That’s also the one I decided to buy the game on. I figured if it’s going to make me work that hard & I liked it, I’m buying it.

Ok, down to the nitty gritty of Paint by Numbers. Yes, there are number that coincide with a color key. It’s that simplistic. It’s not that easy though. Some of these pictures are so intricate that you will need to enlarge them just to see the numbers. The floral picture I mentioned before has over 50 colors in it & it was only the 5th or 6th puzzle, I think. I can’t wait to see how involved they get as the levels go on. A couple of tips & you’ll catch on to these pretty quickly. 1) Play with the sound ON. As you complete a color, you’ll hear a chime as the color automatically changes for you. I though both of those were nice touches. I especially like that you don’t have to change the color yourself. And 2) You’ll notice that the number you’re working on turns grey. That’s very helpful in finding it in the picture when there are tons of numbers you’ll be working with. Then again, you can’t mess it up. You can’t color in the wrong number so that’s helpful, too.

Big Fish Game Club Members jump on this one while you can get it on sale. You won’t regret it. If you aren’t a member, I don’t know if joining today will allow you to get it at the sale price, but I would still pick this one up. It’s relaxing, the colors are beautiful & you get a sense of accomplishment when you finish a picture. At least I do. Plus, you can “paint” pretty pictures without having a mess to clean up. That’s the biggest draw right there.

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