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Goodwin and French: Billiken Record Book Destroyers

by W.E. Sauls

The numbers are getting to a level scientifically defined as, “Eye-Popping.” Jordan Goodwin and Hasahn French are climbing the St. Louis University Billiken historical rankings faster than a Rally Squirrel can destroy Roy Oswalt. The juniors came in together and they will graduate together next spring. Perfect symmetry for two guys with motors that run like a 454 Big Block full of fluid.

There have been a lot of greats to strap the SLU across their chests…But…As of this moment. Goodwin and French are the 3rd greatest duo in program history.

  1. Erwin Claggett and Scott Highmark: Considering this is the only shooting duo in history greater that Curry and Thompson, no one will ever eclipse them. PERIOD. #RetireClaggs13
  2. Roland Gray and Monroe Douglass: 3rd and 4th in points respectively, 5th and 29th in boards, 15th and 17th in steals
  3. Jordan Goodwin and Hasahn French

Let’s Check the Numbers

After last night’s win over George Washington…the school…not the president from the 1700’s… Goodwin and French are getting close to some rarified air.

  1. Points: J-Good is 41st with 924. Hasahn is 47th with 833
  2. Rebounds: J-Good is 20th with 635. Hasahn is 10th with 685
  3. Assists: J-Good is 19th with 275. Hasahn is 42nd with 149
  4. Steals: J-Good is 6th with 154. Hasahn is 41st with 72
  5. Blocks: J-Good is 29th with 31. Hasahn is obliterating the field in 1st place with 164. Mutumbo who???

These guys are only halfway through their junior campaigns. There is so much more hoops to be had! With a minimum of 16 games left this season, let’s have some good old fashioned mathematical fun! Let’s do some projections as to where they could rank as 2020 comes to a close in Billiken Blue. Buckle up.

Current Averages

Jordan Goodwin: 15.4 pts, 10.6 boards, 3.1 ast, 2.3 stl, 0.3 blk

Hasahn French: 13.3 pts, 10.3 boards, 2.5 ast, 0.9 stl, 2.7 blk

Now we do some good ol’ 4th grade multiplication, followed by some 2nd grade addition! Thank you Lonedell R-14 for such a robust education 🙂

At their current averages J-Good will amass in his remaining 16 games approximately; 246 more points, 169 more boards, 49 more dimes, 36 more steals, and 4 more rejections.

If French plays that same minimum of 16 games he will add these numbers to his totals: 212 points, 164 boards, 40 dimes, 14 steals, and 43 more blocks.

Season end totals for Goodwin: 1,170 points, 804 boards, 324 assists, 190 steals, and 35 blocks

Season end totals for French: 1,045 points, 849 boards, 189 assists, 86 steals, 207 blocks.

As the great Coach John Wooden would say…”GOODNESS GREATNESS SAKES ALIVE!!!” Those are some impressive lines. Even more impressive is that these numbers will be put up for three straight winning teams. A lot of dudes can stuff the stat sheet Ricky Davis style, it takes a different breed of hooper to know those stats are just the byproduct on the way to winning games, titles, and making your way to the dance.

But man…I love numbers. So, where would they rank at season’s end? Funny you should ask…

Points: Goodwin, within striking distance of the top 10 his Sr. year…but, tied at 20th with Jim McLaughlin. French, 30th, but within striking distance of the top 15 in his Sr. Season.

Rebounds: Goodwin, 6th all-time with a shot at top 3 in his Sr. season. French, 5th all-time with a chance at top 3 as well.

Assists: Goodwin, 12th all-time with a chance at #1 his Sr. year. French,  29th all-time with a chance of top 20.

Steals: Goodwin, 2nd, but within 2 of the GOAT Anthony Bonner. French, 30th all-time, within striking distance of the top 20.

Blocks: Goodwin, 26th, within striking distance of the top 20. French, still 1st…with zero humans having a chance of catching him.

That’s two guys recruited together who will likely finish their careers in the top 20 of all 5 major statistical categories. We know these numbers aren’t everything… winning is. But, it is these types of numbers…on the glass and on the defensive end that leads teams to victories. That kind of effort and attention to those parts of the game show what is really in your hooper’s heart, and show what you are truly made of. Those are the numbers that lead teams. Those are the numbers that hang banners.

Those are the numbers that go down in history.

W.E. Sauls is a native St. Louisan, a graduate of the University of Missouri, the front man of the band Money for Guns, and the host of Arch City Debates which will soon launch its second season. 

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