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Despite Setback, St. Chux Derby Chix Net Positive Gains

by Brian Ledford

(ST. CHARLES, MO) If the St. Chux Derby Chix knew one thing heading into their 2019 campaign, it would be that they collectively had to be extremely patient and persistent in the early stages.

Consider this. Almost three-quarters of the Pack in Black’s charter this season wasn’t on the team in 2018. In fact, a select few weren’t even on quad skates twelve months ago.

As a result, a few road bumps were to be expected for the St. Charles County-based League currently ranked #259 by the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).

Meeting the more-experienced Prairieland Punishers, currently ranked #247 in the WFTDA, seemed like a challenge Saturday night at the Olympia Athletic and Events Center.

Propelled by a 90-0 first-period rally, the visitors from Decatur, Illinois glided to a 280-76 victory over SCDC, who fell to 1-1 on the season.

The 204-point setback might have stung for the fan base of the local rollers but those within the flat-track faction knew that some positive strides were made during the evening.

“This was super, super important because it helped our new skaters realize what a game could be,” said SCDC Captain #smashtag following the contest. “It helps us meld the walls together and learn who works well together on the track and who can be pack leaders out there.”

Trailing 4-0 after the game’s opening rotation, SCDC inherited a power jam and Rocky Who posted six points that flipped the scoreboard 6-4 at the 27:30 mark.

The Punishers countered with a 32-0 rally over the next four jams. Launched by Rabbit Kix’s eight point lead-changing power jam and concluded by Kix’s dozen concluding Jam 6, Prairieland widened the score to 36-6 with 22:15 left in the period.

St. Chux got back on the scoreboard with Trekkie Monster’s 3-1 jam at the 21:05 mark that made the score 37-9.

Prairieland then proceeded to put the wheels into motion and churned ninety uncontested points. Highlighted by Malibruiser Barbie’s 23 point power jam at the 11:10 mark and concluded by Jessica Rabbid’s 16-pointer scored with nine minutes remaining in the period, the Punishers’ lead blossomed to 127-9.

Monster’s seven-point collection for SCDC with 5:40 left broke their offensive drought and made the game a 127-16 affair. Monster later added a 14-4 rotation on the period’s penultimate jam that made the score 155-30.

Prairieland held a 167-30 lead at intermission.

The second period was about SCDC getting competitive rotations as a unit. Starters Shakilla, Poison Ivy, Rainbow Crash, Schmidt Happens, Kell on Wheels, Wretched Gretchen, Gracie O’ Malice, CrewsAidHer, LaDi DaDi and Doc Haulaway were gaining valuable minutes of track time and, more importantly, testing game-play strategies that weren’t possible at practices.

“They did a great job of coming back together,” said #smashtag of the effort. “Everyone was working better with their walls and communicating with each other better on the track.”

Prairieland passed the bicentennial mark with Violet Vendetta’s 20-point jam at the 22:40 mark that pushed the score to 204-35.

To their credit, SCDC played a cleaner second period and increased their point production. The Punishers (1-0) outscored the Pack in Black in the back half, 113-47, en route to the triumph.

Led by Trekkie Monster’s 38 points, SCDC continues action in a road trip to Roller Derby of Central Kentucky on April 27 and then returns to Olympia on May 18 in a home game against Springfield (MO) Roller Derby.

For now, the modest goals for the fledgling group are just to advance and improve in all areas.

“I think we can work on making sure our walls are tight,” assessed #smashtag. “We can also have better communication on the track and getting our jammers more reps on the track and getting them some endurance.”

The League hosts the annual Skate to Thrill Invitational at Olympia April 12-13.

For more information on SCDC, go to their official website.

ST. CHUX INDIVIDUAL SCORING: Trekkie Monster 38, Rocky Who 21, Shakilla 12, Schmidt Happens 5.

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