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Inspiring Stories of Baseball: Women of Cardinal Nation


Surprisingly to some, The Cardinal’s past is marked by women who arguably have changed the course of history. What I have come to love is the rich stories that surround the ballpark and the community. Baseball is more than just a game, it transcends into something so much greater.  Baseball can bring together a community, a city, a nation, and even parts of the world.


Over the next several weeks, I intend to write about and discover some of these stories and share them with  Cardinal Nation. My focus and intent are to find the stories of women who have changed, influenced, shaped, and effected the game of baseball in the Arch City area. I am looking for stories about players of any level, coaches, family members, ushers, or anybody with ties to the game that we all love so dearly. Yes, this includes little leaguers as well.


I am writing this now to ask fans to share their stories with me. If you know someone who you feel may have something to share, feel free to contact me at the link below. I already have some fun and exciting stories to share, but there is room for more.


Women of Cardinal Baseball

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Stay tuned over the next several weeks of the offseason. I will be writing on topics such as influential Cardinal women, when and if/ when we may see female MLB players on the field, and other stories of historical significance. There  will also be some history involving the AAGPBL. I am excited to see where this can take me and I hope that you, the fans will follow me on this journey. I will also be sharing through Twitter along the way.


As always, thanks for reading


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