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Yo Radio has arrived and it’s free!


Are you paying outrageous monthly rates just to listen to the music you want to hear? Is discovering new music a challenge for you? Thanks to the innovative group at Lineup Media, there’s an app for that. Yo Radio is an app “designed to provide the most diverse catalog of streaming radio available today.” Whether you like unique genres of music, sports, talk shows, or podcasts, it’s all available on Yo Radio. The company released an update earlier last week, which involved major performance improvements and minor bug fixes. More importantly though, the most advanced streaming radio app is now easily accessible to download on Apple devices. Rest assure Android users, the app will be available on Google Play (App Store) in the very near future.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Lineup Media’s Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager, Kris Lakin, about their on-the-rise radio app. Nowadays, there are a variety of music platforms for consumers to discover, listen, and download songs. What makes Yo Radio better than a more established brand like Sirius XM? Lakin explains,”the idea behind it is to do essentially exactly what Sirius is offering right now–but for free.” As some of you know, Sirius XM charges monthly rates to subscribe to hundreds of channels. Now…let’s be honest for a second. How many of those channels do you actually utilize monthly? Maybe 10% of them? My advice: ditch the monthly payments and save your hard-earned money. Yo Radio is FREE! It’s free to download, free to listen, and free to explore a diverse network of genres.

Although the main focus revolves around music, there are (and will be more) stations to accommodate consumer’s every mood and interest. Personally, I’m not always in the mood to listen to music; sometimes I would rather listen to a sports talk station or podcast. Yo Radio, and Lineup Media, hits all the marks by providing numerous options to choose from. While talking to Lakin, I quickly became curious to what the future has in store. He expressed much excitement when he stated, “all the access to celebrity stations, live events, sports…all that stuff (will be available)–without a charge.” He went on to mention a few highly touted influencers likely to kick-off their station in the upcoming months. However, it doesn’t stop there. “We’ve even had discussions with everything from Universities to sports brands,” says Lakin. After he mentioned sports brands, I brought up the idea of having the St. Louis Cardinals as an influencer. Players in the organization, like Dexter Fowler and Yadier Molina, could provide listeners with their playlists; which is a possibility. Bottom-line, Yo Radio will not restrict listeners to only music stations. The app even includes a station featuring the Ultimate Gaming Championship. Regardless of what you’re interested in, Yo Radio will have a station for you.

What all does this entail? Station influencer(s) can be anyone from around the world with a large following on social media platforms or an often publicized figure. Those influencers provide Lineup Media with a playlist of music, developers create a station, then they give the influencer(s) access to the station. From there, they will advertise their Yo Radio station and inform followers when they will be tuning in live. Some influencers may even establish a podcast at Lineup Media to discuss music, trending topics, special events, or whatever they want really.

To clarify what Yo Radio provides to their consumers, I asked Lakin to summarize the app. He explained: “it’s kinda like a hybrid between Apple Radio, Sirius XM, and Facebook Live.” Similar to Sirius XM, Yo Radio connects listeners to their idols and allows access to diverse genres. As I previously mentioned though, Yo Radio provides you this service free of charge. In essence, Yo Radio is also tied in with Apple Radio. While you’re listening to a station, the app presents a “Get it on iTunes” emblem at the top of the screen. Together, Lineup Media and Apple make the process of downloading music easy to understand and completely stress-free. Lastly, Yo Radio and Facebook Live are comparable when it comes to the live portion provided by influencers. They are able to access their station from any device and stream their live segment right then and there.

By the end of the conversation, I was ecstatic about Yo Radio. This app is only in its infant stages and is continuing to grow every day. Kris Lakin and the team are constantly bouncing around ideas and reaching out to influencers. One of their goals is to have over 100 stations available to listeners by the start of 2019. I believe they can do it. This new way of discovering, listening, and downloading music, or podcasts, will appeal to a lot of people. Again, Yo Radio is completely free and will be a top radio app by the end of 2018.

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