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The ace in a hole


It’s been a rough month for ace Adam Wainwright.

Following yet another loss in August, this time a 10-6  loss against the Mets, he shared his thoughts.

“Tough one, man–tough year for me,” said Wainwright. “It’s just another game that we lose that I start and the offense scored some runs. It’s frustrating. I don’t know what else to say other than just got to keep going and I’ll come out of this eventually.”

This month, the veteran right-hander has allowed a total of 25 runs in 24.0 innings pitched. That’s the most Wainwright has allowed in any single month in his career. His ERA for the month is also a ludicrous 7.50.

“It’s been a tough one,” he reiterated. “I had two months there where I was like I always pitch–like I should pitch. And that’s the way I’ll pitch eventually here. Eventually, I’ll take the mound and carry this team deep into the game and win the game. It’s been a tough season.

Wainwright is 9-8 with a 4.67 ERA, along with 122 strikeouts. Meanwhile, his career ERA is 3.13. Overall, it’s been a lackluster season for the Cardinals’ starters, though newly called up starter Luke Weaver has had a successful start to his major league career.

Despite the loss against the Mets, Wainwright still had good ball control and balanced velocity on his pitches. New York just had an answer for what was thrown at him.

“I had good stuff tonight–it’s a tough game sometimes and it’s a tough stretch for me. Sometimes it doesn’t matter–if I’ve had good stuff or bad stuff the last few games it hasn’t made a lick of difference. But tonight, I had good stuff. I threw a couple rolling curveballs early in the game, other than that I had a good heater tonight and pretty good cutter. I don’t know what else to say guys, it wasn’t my night.”

With the playoffs less than two months away, Wainwright needs to find his way out of the hole he’s been thrown into, or it will be even harder for St. Louis to maintain their spot within the Wild Card.

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