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Jaguars to St. Louis isn’t a likely possibility


With the loss of its recent NFL football team, football fans in St. Louis are scrounging for another NFL team. Fans are eager to jump to the Jacksonville Jaguars and think that they have a chance to come to St. Louis, when in essence, they don’t. Yes, Jaguars owner Shahid Khan is from nearby Champaign, Illinois. Khan in fact was going to buy the St. Louis Rams a few years ago before Kroenke came in and bought the Rams. Khan had every intention to keep the Rams in St. Louis, had he bought them but that fell through and he purchase the Jaguars.

Khan and the Jaguars recently announced huge plans to upgrade EverBank Field. Here are some of the 3D renderings of the proposed stadium upgrades.

940944_10153576009113863_5990099731822269801_n 12573001_10153576008998863_4271083050791783403_n 12644702_10153576009258863_5947124898949529853_n 12651340_10153576008723863_1567873600437288113_n 12654189_10153576008878863_541205935718699746_n All pictures via jaguars.com. You can view the entire video on the Jaguars stadium plans on their Facebook page at facebook.com/JacksonvilleJaguars.

At a press conference, Khan said about the stadium situation in Jacksonville, that “we don’t want to just exist here, we want to flourish here.” So any speculation about the Jags moving to St. Louis, London, or really anywhere else, has been erased. The Jaguars did however rank 26th in the NFL in attendance in 2015. That number should rise in the coming years.

The Jaguars are quietly on the rise in the NFL.. QB Blake Bortles was tied for second in the NFL in touchdown passes in 2015 and the wide receiver duo of Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns is becoming a deadly threat in the passing game. The Jags offense also has weapons such as T.J. Yeldon and Julius Thomas. But in 2015, Bortles was also sacked an NFL high 51 times. So the offensive line is something the Jags need to address in the offseason. The defense could use some work as well, as they allowed 28 points per game on average, which ranked 31st in the NFL. If the Jags can work out some kinks on the offensive line and defense this offseason, they are a legitimate threat to make the playoffs next season. Don’t expect them to be playing anywhere but Jacksonville for a long time.

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Cheese February 2, 2016 - 20:51

I think it’s best for STL to get an NFL expansion team. If STL takes another team from a city that showed strong support to their NFL team as much as STL, then STL will be the villain.

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