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The Tre’Vour Simms Recruitment Takes Another Turn


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At this point, no one knows where East St. Louis OL Tre’Vour Simms will play college football. It’s doubtful that Simms himself even knows for sure where he is going to sign a letter of intent. It could be Illinois, it could be Missouri, who knows?

Despite reportedly telling the U. of I media that he had recommitted to the school, his high school football Twitter account (@Football_Flyers) tweeted Sunday that Simms has maintained his commitment to Mizzou.

Esl FlyersFootball on Twitter

Trevour Simms is still committed to Mizzou. Illinois is a great school and will make the next month or so tough on the kid.

Simms himself has not tweeted anything of the sort, and his Twitter biography still reads “University of Illinois commit C/O 2020”. After the East St. Louis football account sent out that message, Simms was obviously frustrated and asked to be left alone.

I don’t blame him for that. That wasn’t his high school’s news to share, it’s his. From all I read it may not be true, but then again it could be.

To recap this crazy recruiting saga:

Simms commits to Illinois in June, after maintaining his commitment for six months Barry Odom and Missouri offers him, he goes and visits the Tigers and with help from former teammates he winds up flipping and committing to Mizzou.

In what could have been an impulsive decision, he tells Illinois writers that he’s recommitting to the Orange and Blue. The very next day his high school football account now tweets out that he is sticking with his Mizzou commitment, despite no direct confirmation from Simms himself.

I loved his tweet shortly after his request for privacy:


That’s what he should do. He’s on winter break with an exciting time for family gatherings. Enjoy the break from school and talk it over with your family, then when it’s time, announce your decision yourself.

I have no idea where he goes. I think it has to be one of the two, right? If so, Simms should have just waited until after Wednesday’s Braggin’ Rights basketball game.

If that was the case, I do not like Mizzou’s chances to eventually land Simms.

All jokes aside, this has been the craziest recruitment that I can remember, especially on the Tigers end. Hopefully Simms will get his peace and quiet, and that will allow him to make the best, rational choice for himself.

I can’t wait to see where this kid signs his letter of intent on February 3rd, or better known as National Signing Day.

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