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Maty Mauk Returns From Suspension


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After nearly a month removed from team activities due to a “violation of team rules” Missouri quarterback Maty Mauk was reinstated on Tuesday. Dave Matter of the St. Louis Post Dispatch reported, and confirmed the news on Tuesday morning.

Mauk was suspended on September 29th along with offensive lineman Malik Cuellar, presumably for something related. However Cuellar was only suspended for one game against South Carolina, while Mauk has been gone for four of the Tigers games, in which they went 1-3 with Drew Lock at the helm.

While many figured Lock would keep the starting QB job regardless if Mauk returned from suspension, Matter has heard that either one of those two have the possibility of starting next Thursday against Mississippi State.

It was probably ideal timing that if Gary Pinkel was going to reinstate Mauk, he would do it during the bye week. Pinkel at least gives his offense a couple extra practices to figure out which QB should be starting.

Let’s keep in mind that Lock did not earn the starting job, it was given to him after Mauk was suspended. While it makes a lot of sense to keep Lock in there and have him grow up now so he’s ready for the future, Mauk may be the guy who win some games down the stretch as the Tigers try to claw their way to bowl eligibility.

This offense has looked bad with both Mauk and Lock as the starting quarterback this year. The one element that Mauk brings that this offense so desperately needs is the ability to run. If all else fails, Mauk can take off and pick up a first down.

Lock can’t do that as well as Mauk, the argument for him to stay as the starter is that he can make throws that Mauk can’t. However these past few weeks, he’s missed a lot of throws that could have been the difference in especially these last two losses against Georgia and Vanderbilt.

So what will Pinkel do? Since he has the power to reinstate Mauk I would find it hard to believe that he would bring him back and bury him on the depth chart. However, he may want to keep his freshman QB in so that he gets as many reps as possible as the Tigers prepare for 2016 and beyond.

For next Thursday I anticipate the reverse strategy of the first four games and that’s: start Lock, bring Mauk in as a change of pace QB, and the QB who moves the ball better with this offense stays in.

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