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NFL Week 1 Five Take Aways


Tom Brady does Tom Brady things, Peyton Manning looked like Eli, and Sam Bradford fails his first test for the city of brotherly love. Let’s take a look at the big take aways from week 1 in the NFL!

  1. Tom Brady is one of those rare breeds who can turn the distractions off when he gets between the white lines. Going 25/32 288 yards and four touchdowns , Brady has not lost a step. On top of that, the Pittsburg Steelers seemed to down play Rob Gronkowski a bit too much as he also stepped right back into where he left off catching five passes for 94 yards and three touchdowns. This is the guy who holds the record for most touchdowns by a tight end. He may play as a tight end but he deserves double coverage. This is the New England Patriots after all, no one on this team should be taken lightly.
  2. The St. Louis Rams came out firing. After a strong first drive by the Seattle Seahawks, the Rams were able to force a punt even after they crossed into Rams territory. The big question mark going into the game was if the Rams defense could pick up were they left off from last season and I think with six sacks in the home opener, it is safe to say Sack City is being rebuilt. Probably what caught most people off guard was the leadership from Nick Foles. It has been the better part of a season in half since this city has had a real starting QB and the play on the field shows. Going forward. the city of St. Louis is excited and ready to watch championship caliber football again.
  3. Rex Ryan may just have some of the best eye for talent if this Tyrod Taylor guy is the real deal. While his numbers are not going to make anyone look twice, he was able to make good plays with his arms and legs, like the quarterback of today is supposed to do. You also have to give a lot of credit to Buffalo’s defense. The last nine games of the 2014 season, the Bill’s had one of the best pass defenses in the NFL and the first real test came when they were able to hold the Colts to 0 points in the first half. I always make the mistake of jumping on the Buffalo band wagon at the beginning of each season and here I am again. I think Rex Ryan has such a football mind that he can finally take this team into the playoffs.
  4. Is this the end of the great Peyton Manning? Obviously one game is such a small sample size but something just looked off about him. He was forcing balls into spaces that were just asking to be picked off (which one was and taken the other way for six) and was noy able to get any offense going. Of course the Ravens are still a tough team but the Broncos were able to put 49 points against them when they were defending Super Bowl champions so you would think Manning would be able to throw at least one touchdown.
  5. As a native from St. Louis, I knew as soon as Sam Bradford got the ball in the waning minutes against the Falcons that there was a high probability that the game was going to be over in four downs. I am not bitter about Bradford, I have no reason to be. I want him to succeed. I have heard how great of a guy he is. But I have seen that story before. He is not a guy you want driving down the field when the game is on the line. I also have to give credit where it is due. The Falcons, and more importantly, Matt Ryan looked good. I think a large part of that has to do with new head coach Dan Quinn gave a new look to the team. I know it is early but this is a team that looked like they could win a division.
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