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Five Stories to Watch in NFL Week 1


1) Steelers@ Patriots- I would argue that this is one of the most important games of the regular season. Not for what is at stake or playoff implications but because of what it means. Ignoring the off the field issues (we’ll get there, don’t worry) this game marks the return of the NFL! Almost a spectacle in itself, the world will be watching, getting their fix in until Sunday when their favorite team plays. Of course there are many who will be watching for the storylines leading up to the game. In case you were living under a rock the last seven months, this is a monumental game for the NFL as they tried their earnest to keep Quarterback Tom Brady out four games only to have the ruling overturned in federal court nullifying the suspension. As for the game itself, since 2002, when the NFL started Thursday night games to kick off the season, the defending champion has played in eleven of them, and only the Ravens lost in 2013 to the Broncos. Strap in for the season, the wait is over, it all starts tonight.

2) Eagles@ Falcons- This very well could be the turning of the tide for the Eagles as they have almost completely over turned their offense. The biggest news of course was when they traded Nick Foles for Sam Bradford it what many would call the most shocking move of the off season for both the Eagles and Rams. On top of that, long time main stay LeSean McCoy is now playing for the Bills and WR 1 Jeremy Maclin is now on the Chiefs, a lot of eyes are on the squad from Philly to see how the new team gels together and more importantly if Bradford can stay healthy.

3) Colts@ Bills- The Bills are another team that has made drastic changes in the off season. With Kyle Orton retiring and EJ Manuel only playing 15 games the last two seasons, new head coach Rex Ryan went with 2011 6th round pick Tyrod Taylor as the starting QB. On top of that, in what could be said is the most shocking release of the season, fan favorite RB Fred Jackson was also cut to make room for McCoy. It will be interesting to see if Ryan sees something in Taylor who only has 35 throwing attempts in his career when he played for Baltimore the last four years, or does Ryan know that this is not the future and is hoping for a new QB come the 2016 draft? Time will tell.

4)Vikings@ 49ers- Adrian Peterson makes his return to the field after sitting out 15 games in 2014 due to being arrested for child abuse. A polarizing figure in the sports world and many will find it hard to cheer for him, but alas, his talent is too much to pass up so it is no surprise that the Vikings welcomed him back. Mike Wallace was added in the off season to give the team some much needed star power at WR and I am sure many are hoping that Teddy Bridgewater can avoid a sophomore slump as he begins the season as the starting QB. On the other side of the field the 49ers have their own issues with keeping players on the field. It seems like every other week we are getting a story about someone being arrested, or letting talent go. Frank Gore is now in greener pastures in Indianapolis, Michael Crabtree is a Raider, and if Colin Kaepernick goes done, Blain Gabbert is QB 1…Blain Gabbert. Blain. Gabbert. I think it is safe to say the 49ers years of excellence are going to begin declining with this season.

5) Seahawks@ Rams. A team I know all too well. I think this year is one of the first years Rams fans are not as optimistic as in the past. The Defense came together in the last half of the 2014 season but that was last year. This year the Rams have (hopefully) a stable QB all year after getting Nick Foles in a blockbuster trade from the Eagles, a stunning first round draft pick when they picked up Todd Gurley, and some very quick, eager, Wide Receivers Brian Quick, Tavon Austin and Chris Givens with Kenny Britt giving them the veteran help to learn the ropes. The only problem I see with this game is they have to play the Seahawks who are chomping at the bits to get back to the Super Bowl after one of the most examined plays in football history. While the Rams have promise this year, the Seahawks are already there. A large portion of the Seahawk all stars returned this year including Russell Wilson who has finally settled his contract negotiation  and can focus solely on the game, which is a scary thought for those teams in the NFC West. Sure every season is different, the difference this year will be just how much are the Seahawks going to dominant the conference?

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