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NFL week 7-Five Takeaways

  1. Let’s start with the biggest story of the week; Peyton Manning broke the all time record for career touchdowns throwing number 507-510. Manning has played every game of every season he has participated in for the exception of the 2011 season where he abstained from playing to heal from neck surgery. This is not the first record that the older Manning QB has broken and I guarantee you this will not be the last.
  2. Moving to the biggest local story of the week. Fellow Arch City Sports writer Ryan Leopando gave one of the best headlines about the Rams the weekend when he said how we all felt after the 28-26 stunner to Seattle, Rams…win? Indeed they did and allow me to say it was in spectacular fashion. Just when you thought they were going to pull a…well a Rams and blow a decent lead again, the Rams got gutsy and pulled a fake punt deep out of their territory. Austin Davis played his butt off again proving why he has the starting job completing 18-21 for 152 yards and two scores. Yes, The Seahawks out gained the Rams both in the air and on the ground (almost all by Russell Wilson) but the Rams D stayed strong for once this season and turned the NFC West on their head.
  3. Speaking of the NFC West, what was once a battle between the 49ers and Seahawks has become the Cardinals division to lose. Unlike 2012 when Arizona started 4-0 and dropped the next nine, I see them to continue their winning ways and take the division. I know Seattle and San Francisco are good teams, but Arizona just has a spark about them this season, I would not be surprised to see them make a deep playoff run.
  4. The NFC South is just sad right now. With all the superstars a division could ask for, and not one of those teams can find a way to win. The panthers are sitting atop the division with a 3-3-1 record, Saints, Falcons and Buccs all having losing records.
  5. As sad the NFC South is, there are plenty of strong divisions out there. The once Patriots dominate AFC East has seen some contenders in the last couple of weeks as the Bills are hot on the Pats tails at just one game behind and the Dolphins are not far out either. The AFC North is benefiting from the Bengals falling off the last three weeks as the Ravens taking the top spot with the Steelers and even the Browns to an extant all remain within striking distance. But the toughest division in the NFL would have to go to the NFC East as the Cowboys have not lost a single game after dropping the opener to the 49ers including going into Seattle and winning their third straight on the road. With Tony Romo playing his seemingly best of his career, and Demarco Murray being an unstoppable workhorse in the backfield, they will be a tough team to topple, even if the Eagles are right there with a 5-1 record.

*Bonus take-Aaron Rodgers has really backed up his statement when he said to the Packers fans “R-E-L-A-X”. Green Bay has won four straight and have scored the second most points in the NFL (behind the Colts).

Photo-Justin Edmonds/Getty Images North America

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