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Collective Soul and Switchfoot proved to be the perfect live match up

St. Louis Music Park - 7/17/22

by Danya Artimisi

It was a show for the Gen X-ers.  Collective Soul and Switchfoot brought a high energy display and left it all on the stage Sunday night at St. Louis Music Park.

Seemingly an odd choice for an opener, Country music singer, Jade Jackson warmed up the crowd with some soft, solo-acoustic songs which included a cover of a rock song turned soft whispering tune: Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing In The Dark.  Country fans may be familiar with the lady-crooner as she was cited in 2017 by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the 10 New Country Singers You Need to Know.  Her alluring vocal delivery sounded less country, but more than commendable to be chosen to open up for the impending rock show that was about to wow the crowd of loyal fans.

Switchfoot wasted no time at all when it came to busting up the stage and surprised fans with a solid cover of the Beastie Boys, “Sabotage”.  The band broke onto the mainstream scene in 2003 with their hits, “Dare You To Move” and “Meant To Live” which are just two of several songs that hit Billboards rock charts.  Lead singer, Jon Foreman’s energy was infectious and the band followed suit.  They announced an indefinite hiatus in 2018 upon the announcement of guitarist, Jerome Fontamillas’ cancer diagnosis, but returned only 9 months later after he was declared to be cancer-free.  Their performance on Sunday night proved that the group categorized as a Christian band haven’t missed a beat.  Fans started to get loud.

The crowd erupted when headliners, Collective Soul entered stage right quickly after Switchfoot’s set, just long enough for concertgoers to hit the loo and ‘maybe’ grab a cold one.  The weather was perfect after the sun went down and the lights went up.  “Collective Souldiers” (a term coined by some of their most devoted fans) welcomed the band while on their feet and roars abound.  The stage was ablaze with high energy and every single one of their hits, a cover of REM’s “The One I Love”, mixed in with cuts from their upcoming album releasing on August 12th of this year, titled “Vibrating.”

Setlist for 7/17/22 at St. Louis Music Park

Switchfoot: “If The House Burns Down”, “Stars”, “Sabotage”, “Bull In A China Shop”, “If I Were You”, “Where Tthe Light Shines Through”, ” Hello Hurricane”, “I Won’t Let You Go”, “Dark Horses”, “Fluorescent”, “Float”, “Where I Belong”, “Meant To Live”, “Dare You To Move”

Collective Soul: “Precious Declaration”, “All Our Pieces”, “Heavy”, “Shine”, “Undone”, “Better Now”, “Bob Dylan Where Are You Today”, “The World I Know”, “Right As Rain”, “December”, “The One I Love”, “Gel”, “Where The River Flows”, “Run”.



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